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Risk and control of lighting engineering

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  • Release on :2017-05-15
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    Any business growth or development, security is the first one. I see the industry as a role in the industry, from the actual lighting project summed up a few points on the risk and its control.

    First, the project invitation to invite the stage of the risk and control.

    The invitation to the project is usually open and tender and the intermediary to provide information, the former risk is mainly concentrated in violation of Party A tender documents, such as the bidder failed to strictly in accordance with the requirements of Party A tender documents suspected of cheating the behavior. It is particularly important for the bidding enterprises to participate in the bidding process to maintain independence (especially in the process of whether there is a flaw in the interaction between the participating companies and whether there is evidence as a circumstantial existence).

    The latter's risk should be focused on the legitimacy of the source of information provided by the intermediary and the role of the person in the process of implementation. Illegal means mainly refers to the bribe and other means of crime to obtain the subject of the tender business, the bidder must be strictly to the intermediary issued to the intermediary of the power of attorney and intermediary agreement, must be written in the relevant violation of legal acts prohibit the provisions. Since the succession of people can successfully match the contract, but also can become a "shit stick", between the bidder and the intermediary between the intermediary agreement, often the most easily overlooked in this area of ​​the constraints, lighting project performance cycle longer , Agreed with the intermediary business early, mid-term business, business completion and other stages of the rights and obligations, so as to put an end to any anti-elbow behavior.

    Second, the project implementation phase of the risk and control.

    First of all, the lighting business to be your partner to carry out the necessary due diligence, usually through the industrial and commercial inquiry system to inquire whether Party A is in accordance with the law, whether there is business credit (whether subjective malicious analysis), whether there is equity pledge, shareholders and important Business information and other enterprises; can also be through the People's Court National Executive Information Network to inquire about the existence of arrears of litigation, whether the implementation of the situation.

    Second, the contents of the contract is very important, often as the lighting business of Party B in the signing process is easy to encounter a strong party, where the author suggested that the contents of the contract a few points can not break the bottom line. First, the contract legal relationship established for the construction of the project is appropriate, only for the sale of the relationship between the sale and purchase of lighting products for the protection of the rights and interests is far enough, when the risk of lighting companies as B through the construction of legal relationship to protect their own interests More secure. Second, the reasonable profit after deducting the warranty is guaranteed. Third, the proof of the lighting model must be confirmed by the two sides in writing to establish the acceptance criteria for light products. Fourth, any changes to the lighting products shall be signed by both parties to confirm the change. Fifth, the court of competent jurisdiction shall agree that the people's court at the place where the two parties are located may accept the jurisdiction.

    Finally, the lighting business construction is usually in the form of external contract to the construction team construction. Lighting companies must sign a good agreement with the construction team, do not recommend signing a contract for the construction of the contract, the legal relationship between the contract signed a clear agreement between the two sides responsible, At the same time, the responsibility for the transfer of safety risks, agreed to the construction team and agreed to purchase the risk of transfer of related insurance.

     Whether it is the economic upside or downside, always concerned about the risk of business operations and security, should be a compulsory course for each enterprise, because there may be 1% of the negligence will lead to fill this single hard earned profits, and even lead directly Enterprise 100% loss.

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