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Reduce the brightness of LED street lights to save money and reduce carbon in British

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         North London Hart Fu County will begin to adjust the brightness of street lamps, saving more. In the past year, Hart has been reduced a lot of Fu County spending. Now the government units and think of ways to save money by new money in the middle of the night, the brightness of LED lights down.
         This "reduce brightness and reduce the number of test plan will enable the street" with the opening run of LED street lamp. The plan for the main part of the region, to reduce the brightness of the light during the night, and shorten the time of street lighting. The existing street lamp in the middle of the night from 11 to 6 in the morning has cut 25% brightness.
         LED street not only than the traditional high voltage sodium lamp energy-saving and carbon reduction, but also help the government to achieve the goal of carbon tax. Reduce the brightness of street lamps will can reduce 25% of energy consumption with the daily decreased operand minutes time, bit by bit, about a year can save 92 hours of lighting when the number of.
         Adjust the brightness and shortening operation time project will be first in several local community tested and evaluated the reaction of the local residents.
In February 2016 will also be two-way test, so that local people, residents, the police to conduct a group meeting. County Council is also eager to understand the residents responded to the policy.
        The test is expected to start between January 2016 and February 2016, to be synchronized for one year of the site and the far end of the street light dimming assessment. Will present highway group meeting in the test results released after (Highways Cabinet Panels), and notify the relevant results of residents
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