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Purple LED : do not give share Sanan will eat it !

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-03-15
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        Sanan group tough style, like the purple LED circle "". In support of national power, who audibles leading domestic epitaxial crystal electric, threatening "do not give shares, will take you down to eat"; but with the downturn in the LED industry Sanan in recent years to the GaAs field, force fixes among the "semiconductor", designed to hitchhike, more state grants and funds in the market.
        Chinese Sanan optoelectronics desire to acquire Huanyu communication semiconductor (F - Universal), but because of universal part of the product is also supplied to customers of the Defense Department of the United States, this acquisition obtained with the possibility to be very low. (from an optoelectronic website)
Open 5 times paid to dig my LED talent
         Sanan group boss Lin Xiucheng is the iron and steel industry started, in China's iron and steel excellent in, worth a rising tide lifts all boats, but with 2001, four years after the boom boom bust, he dominated the Sanan from production to science and technology industry, in support of national power and generous expansion led production capacity, not only made the MOCVD machines LED grain subsidies, the government also provides orders, LED lights, foster growth.
         Industry insiders describe, crystal electric had the Department as a whole team of hundreds of people, yesterday is still at work today, all disappear not see, Saman in five times salary poached.
         Lin Xiucheng son-in-law Lin Chuang is also active in the LED industry. Lin Ke Chuang who come knocking at the door, to the crystal electric chairman Bingjie expression apiration, touch a ruandingzi, he actually slogan "not to stake put you down to eat," said crystal electric power level.
Free rider grab China policy grants
          2001 end of 2012, Sanan bought domestic epitaxial brother gem circle of 19% stake, becoming shares on both sides of the first case; 2001 ended in July, crystal electric anti Sanan army, canyuan 100% acquisition, industry has been dubbed the "Block Hu".
Sanan dominate the aspirations of both sides of the LED is not completed, and the LED industry to go downhill, over the past three years, Sanan profit per share does not exceed a yuan (RMB), in June last year price once reached as high as 33 yuan (RMB), but recently has fallen below 20 yuan, the capital market will no longer give high evaluation.
         So three will mind to GaAs field. Is the main Chinese positive development of Sanan group tough style, like the purple LED circle "". , while the GaAs is stained with the "optoelectronic semiconductors"". This subsidy, growth, excess capacity, the blue ocean market will become a vicious circle of the Red Sea, seems to be staged in china.
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