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Price index secrets Guzhen September fluorescent market performance

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  • Release on :2016-10-12
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      In September 2016 the town lighting price index released a total of four data, respectively, 116.73 points, 115.76 points, 112.89 points, 115.92 points, the average monthly reported 115.33 points, the ring rose 3.43% in August. Into the third quarter of the tail month, September lighting price index is better, lighting price index with the first half of the overall level of the two quarters remained in the same range. Although the economic environment is relatively weak, but the lighting market into the traditional "peak season", the lighting industry signs of warming trend is obvious.
     The four series of index in September, the average monthly performance of the "three liters and one down", by the transformation and development, downstream demand and other factors cross-effects, light source series continued to fall again hit a new low 55.94 points, the main index is the main reason. With the G20 summit, to meet the fourth quarter and other opportunities, the other three series of indices have different gains. By the changes in consumer attitudes and other factors, the lighting series index continued to rise, driven by the construction of municipal projects, commercial lighting, outdoor lighting are varying degrees rise, the lighting market is expected to project demand for products will continue to heat, The related series index is upward.
Four series of index in September the monthly average was "three liters of a drop", specifically:

Commercial lighting series in September were 100.56 points, compared with August rose 4.56%;

Lighting series in September were 131.03 points, compared with August rose 5.11%;

Outdoor lighting series in September were 115.38 points, compared with August rose 3.90%;

Light source series in September were 58.61 points, compared with August fell 13.98%.

     Lighting market began to pick up, the market demand, but consumers of lighting lighting products cost-effective, personalized and other requirements continue to increase, so that enterprises in the development of difficulties, the company's broken road should be out of homogeneity of the cycle, Differentiation, to market segments to performance. Expected to enter the last quarter of 2016, in the commercial lighting, lighting, outdoor lighting, driven by the three series of indices, the lighting price index will continue to rise, but the light source series index continued to fluctuate in the short term.
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