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Powerful! Browsers can control the light bulb color change

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  • Release on :2016-11-24
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    Formed by the former Opera co-founder Jon von Tetzchner founder, Vivaldi is powerful and rich custom web browser. In the latest version 1.5 update, Vivaldi became the world's first web browser to control home lighting, which is the first time the browser involved in the Internet of Things market, allowing the color of the Philips Hue bulb to follow the browser tab color automatically transform .

    Jon von Tetzchner said: "This is only for us to move forward a small step, but let us reach a broader space, we can light the color to remind users to receive new e-mail or web notification. With customization and flexibility, the integration of devices such as Philips Hue enables Vivaldi to meet your needs and daily life. "

    In the new version has also added drag the label stack and tab functions, allowing users to quickly move between the labels on the window. Tag stacking allows you to create folders for your tags. All you have to do is drag a label onto another tab.

     In addition, in the address bar also added a reading mode, allowing users to remove the clutter of the page content to improve readability. In addition Vivaldi for Windows version provides incremental update, no longer need to re-download the new version of the complete installation package, download the contents of the changes on it.

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