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Popular bursting of the show, ingenuity to create the boutique

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  • Release on :2017-06-23
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Full of vitality in the second quarter filled with full of enthusiasm, strong giant color of the national regional exhibition contests, for the majority of customers show a feast after another. Exhibition from south to north through Sichuan, Hunan, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Henan, Ningxia, Liaoning, Jilin and other provinces and cities, covering advertising, security, IT, intelligent applications and other fields, leading the industry development trend for the development of the industry contribution A force.

Let us take a glimpse of the strength of the giant regional exhibition of national style.

High-density products become a major highlight of the show, ultra-high-definition, realistic, delicate display, with gold, copper bracket lamp, stable performance, life span; equipped with high-definition high-order PWM driver IC, refresh rate ≥ 3840HZ, Ripple, low gray, gray up to 14-16bit, the use of die-casting aluminum design, optical seamless splicing, physical cooling, no noise, lightweight box structure, magnetic installation, simple and convenient to become the military exercise command system, Public security display command system, studio, power dispatching system, traffic network and aviation monitoring display system, energy industry production scheduling system, government and enterprises and institutions conference display system, radio and television media display system and other areas of the darling.

Leasing D3.91 became another highlight of the show. Leased D3.91 equipped with high-quality light and high-definition high-speed PWM driver chip, product quality is stable and reliable; high-definition display waterless ripple, the details show the effect of exquisite and realistic; die-cast aluminum design, easy disassembly, optical seamless stitching.

In addition, the show also shows a strong giant color S series, Q series, high-density T series, the standard series and other products, attracting a large number of professionals come to visit, negotiate, cooperation.

During the exhibition, foreign friends came to the exhibition site, the scene staff to fluent in English with its introduction and exchange, to foreign friends left a deep impression, and the strong giant color thumbs up!

Strong giant color joint dealers, strategic partners to participate in the national regional exhibition, a unified logo VI, high-quality products, professional technology and a strong service team, the view of the customer's trust and praise. With the "China Strait Project Fair" near the end, strong giant color in the first half of nearly a hundred regional regional exhibition has been the perfect ending, the second half let us wonderful to continue, so stay tuned!

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