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Poland to enable "will light" bike lanes, phosphor into the biggest hero!

  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-10-12
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      On 23 September, a town in Poland opened a glowing bike lane, and the bike lane could glint in the countryside at night, without the need for any external energy. However, in the absence of external energy, how should the bike lane itself be illuminated? The key element is the sun.

     Built by the European construction company TPASp.zo.o, the illuminated bike lane is officially opened in Poland. (Source: TPASp.zo.o)
     The 100-meter bike path is located in the town of Leedsback in the Warmian region of Poland, and is built by the European construction company TPASp.zo.o in order to provide a safer cycling experience for those who ride bicycles at night. , TPA chief executive Igor Ruttmar said that at night in the suburbs of Poland, the road often lack of lighting, hoping to pass through this light-emitting bike lanes to avoid any accidents between cyclists and pedestrians.

     The reason why bike lanes will shine at night the biggest hero, is one of the phosphor (luminophore) material. The bike lane uses sunlight to capture the required energy during the day, and then at night, the energy stored during the day is used to illuminate the light source, and it lasts about 10 hours, while the phosphors emit a variety of colors, and the designer chooses Most with the surrounding scenery with the blue as the light color.
      Although it can be said that considerable energy savings can be achieved by using a self-illuminated bicycle lane without the use of external energy sources, the cost is relatively higher than the average bike lane, and how to maintain the sustainability of luminescent materials is one of the problems, The team is still testing these issues, so this bike lane both beautiful and practical technology from the commercialization, I am afraid it will take some time.
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