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Plant lighting: the development of the domestic market to be mature

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  • Release on :2016-07-21
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     In recent years, the plant factory is popular in Japan, once off the plant factory ". But in the Chinese market, it seems not so eye-catching. In addition to Philips, OSRAM, Mitsubishi, billion light international lighting manufacturers still in addition to pay attention to this market, domestic mainstream lighting manufacturers to participate in a degree is not high, watch the attitude.
     "High cost of plant lighting, less sales, is generally a number of large enterprises to do some of the early stage of R & D and exploratory market development." Sunshine lighting general manager, Yong said, as early as in a few years ago the sun lighting has on plant lighting do some research and development input. However, when the narrow market space, and complex channels and the process, let the company to suspend the project.
Plant lighting mentioned, people think of more is "prospects", however enterprise stage inputs and outputs on plant lighting is not proportional to, so that a large number of coveted this segment of the market of enterprise "hurriedly close hand. It is understood that MITSUBISHI LED plant lighting is about 10 times the average plant lighting, but the market price of such vegetables is 4 times the ordinary vegetables.
      Advanced investment, long investment cycle, and the price of LED plant lighting products are more expensive to some extent, restricted the large-scale promotion of the market. At the same time, LED plant lighting does not really industrialization, not in its technical difficulty, but the lack of knowledge of plant culture and LED technology integrated talent. At present, China's LED plant lighting products for export 90%, sales of the market are concentrated in Japan, South Korea, China and the United States, Europe and other countries and regions engaged in agricultural personnel less.
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