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Philips millet to develop intelligent interconnection LED lighting products

  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-11-09
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      November 2, Philips Lighting and millet signed an agreement, in accordance with Philips 70%, millet 30% stake in the formation of a new joint venture in China to jointly promote the development of smart home lighting. The joint venture will develop home intelligent interconnection lighting products, and access millet intelligent home platform meters home. According to reports, Philips and M family has launched a series of intelligent intelligent wisdom Philips lamp, follow-up will bring more and better lighting products. In fact, the establishment of the joint venture is not the first cooperation between Philips and millet. In January this year, Philips Chi Rui Yi Yue table lamp in the millet mall for sale. 8 months later, meters home Philips intellectual Rui lamp second-generation on-line, and in the millet store on sale. These two lamps can be collected through the phone, handle the light signal, adjust the brightness of the lamp. The newly formed joint venture will continue to design and develop smart interconnect LED lighting products, new products will continue to be sold through millet retail channels. Andrews and IOS systems can download the application to complete the intelligent control of the light. The establishment of the joint venture may reflect the millet in the smart home direction on the change. International market, Philips Lighting has with Apple, Amazon and other well-known Internet companies in the smart home field launched a cooperation. On the one hand, Philips selected millet, is conducive to further open the Chinese market. On the other hand, after this cooperation, Philips intelligent interconnect LED lighting products will be introduced into millet intelligent family ecosystem, also means that millet in the smart interconnect lighting and smart home ecosystem will further expand the territory.
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