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Philips Lighting LED system components China strategy conference will be held

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  • Release on :2016-12-21
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     December 9, Philips Lighting officially released its official micro-signal will be held on December 21 in Shenzhen, "LED system components China strategy conference," the invitation.

     Invitation is not only the conference held time and place, more conference invited guests and the theme of their speech. From this, we can spy on the 12 Philips held the intention of this conference, as well as Philips in this conference in the industry want to bring the information. Can be said to be "expected, reasonable."

     The conference was named "China LED system components strategy conference." Philips as the world's leading lighting companies, internal business modules and business model, then the LED system components for the market is that one? With curiosity, the author consulted the Philips internal persons.

     LED system components business belonging to one of the four major groups of Philips lighting business group, by the Philips Lighting OEM channel is mainly responsible for sales, for the customer is a variety of LED lighting manufacturers. Its product range covers all kinds of LED component products, such as indoor and outdoor use of LED modules, LED power supply. From 2016 onwards, based on the lighting of the induction and control devices are also included in the LED system components business.

     I interviewed a few using Philips LED power supply and modules of the lamp factory. They said that Philips products end recognition, high technology, high quality, the price can bear, they used "very smoothly." But they also said that they know that Philips LED system components are introduced through the "old driver", Philips itself is relatively low-key, less initiative to do some "eye-catching" promotional activities, customer seminars and more to talk about products , Talk about technology-based. And now is not the "wine is not afraid of the alley deep" era, and now there is no product PPT also come to the press conference of the times.

     Therefore, the strategic conference, Philips lighting to break the stereotype of the past low-key style of publicity to a grand strategic conference for its LED system components in the Chinese market positioning, enhance product visibility and recognition, this Can be the first "unexpected, reasonable."

     Philips Lighting The conference invites Mr. Xu Qingliu. As a lighting designer, he can bring is based on the application of lighting aesthetic considerations. At first glance, this and parts suppliers business far away, but think about it, in commercial lighting, the owners in the choice of lighting suppliers, when the general will listen to the views of lighting designers. When the LED lighting has been a "mere light on the hero" of the times, the designer in the choice of lighting is more time to consider the light angle, glare control, light color quality, lamp shape these factors. The lamp is energy-saving, as if the car is fuel-efficient, it is only one of many indicators, not the decisive factor.

     Therefore, when other companies are still talking about the time efficiency of light, Philips Lighting first introduced the lighting designer's resources to provide guidance for his product development, for their customers advice, so as to enhance its service grade and added value. This is the second "unexpected, reasonable."

     In the invited guests list, we also see the Shenzhen Lighting and Display Engineering Industry Association, Shi-Li Shi and LEDinside research agreement in the ultra-large coffee industry, the name of these industries. Let us increasingly look forward to this conference, Philips will bring a lot of dry goods to us, to the entire industry.

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