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Philips Lighting "7" word table lamp desktop center illumination up to 1200lux

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  • Release on :2016-10-07
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     September 23, Philips Lighting officially released the second generation of intelligent wisdom lamp. The product initially in the end of June on-line millet crowds, has a common "7" word shape, white light, and have WiFi module, through the mil meter smart home App adjust lighting.

     According to reports, the second generation of Philips wisdom Rui lamp in the appearance of the use of aluminum + silicone material, the continuation of its rich sense of science and technology design, "7" shape can be easily multi-angle bending to meet the different lighting needs of users, While the desktop center illumination up to 1200 lux (lux), can be used for fine-grained operations such as drawing.

     At the same time, the product by adding a number of intelligent hardware and software configuration. The design of double light source can solve the problem of eye fatigue caused by frequent switching between inside and outside light. It can also adjust the brightness of the lamp and the brightness of the backlight of the touch panel by sensing the lighting environment change by built-in high-precision light sensor.

     In addition, the second generation of Philips intelligent wisdom lamp in the intelligent Internet lighting to continue cooperation with millet. In addition to the basic key operation mode, but also through mobile phones and other smart devices, including turn on and off lights, adjust mode, and so different operations.

     It is reported that the product is currently on millet official channels on sale, priced at 199 yuan.
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