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Paris rechargeable lamp

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  • Release on :2016-08-11
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      Traditional street lamps, simple appearance, single function, although to meet the basic lighting needs, but the overall feeling of the rapid pace of development and the city is not consistent. "Fun city" and the brain hole wide open, to street children, plus a tough function. Today follow small make up, look at the street light, "city people" how to play.

      The streets of Paris, France, have a new type of street lamp, designed by French industrial designer lehanneur Mathieu, called clover. The street lamp is installed in Paris during the 21 United Nations climate conference in 2015, in addition to the basic function as a street lamp, it also provides people with the rest of the seat. It looks as though they were carved by hand, in fact, the street lights and the accompanying seats are all used in industrial processing, so that the trees in the nearby area can be combined in a variety of ways. Different installation methods, suitable for different characteristics of the street, the longest seat can reach 15 meters.

      It's another big feature: environmental protection. The dome of aluminum makes the light directly downward, reducing light pollution and improving energy efficiency. The other side of the dome is a solar panel, which can provide 3 hours of electric energy for a street lamp. More like, there is a small hole on the street lights, you can charge the phone for pedestrians. If you walk on the road without electricity, may wish to rest on the seat for a while, but also to charge a phone battery.
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