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OLED panel in short supply response to the development of the industrial chain

  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-10-26
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     According to media reports, due to strong demand for mobile phone and VR equipment orders, OLED panel in short supply situation intensified. Samsung, a major supplier to first-tier customers to give priority to make some of Taiwan's second-tier mobile phone and VR equipment manufacturers are out of stock impact of the panel. At present, OLED demand is accelerating, Apple will use next year's flagship mobile phone OLED screen, other mobile phone manufacturers follow-up. At the same time, Sony PSVR sale detonated the global VR device market, OLED screen has become a number of VR manufacturers shipping bottlenecks.

      The industry believes that with the technology to enhance capacity and demand-pull, OLED industry to speed up, leading the next generation of display technology trends have been formed. The agency expects the AMOLED panel market to reach $ 67 billion by the end of 2020, with an average compound annual growth rate of more than 40%. The explosive growth of the industry will bring significant development opportunities for the industry chain companies.

      China and Thailand Securities said, OLED many excellent performance in many product areas have formed a strong penetration, is the future of the most promising display technology. At present, the traditional display industry represented by LCD has become saturated, while the OLED display has the advantages of flexibility, thinness, wide color gamut, good display effect, fast response speed, low energy consumption, wide viewing angle and so on, and has many advantages in many product fields Larger application potential. At present, OLED technology has been on the traditional display technology launched a strong challenge, is expected to lead the next generation of display technology new trend.

      CSC also believes that in the OLED industry, mainland China's panel business is located only in Samsung and LG, located in the international echelon, the future in the capital and market driven by double advantage, China's panel business will accelerate the rise. At present, the OLED-based panel industry is the only country for the country and Hewlett-Packard photoelectric, the two companies are more powerful technical strength. The downstream market is also conducive to the rise of domestic panel companies, in the recent release of two OLED screen phone, millet red rice Pro and glow photoelectric panel, ZTE's secret 7 using the country's photoelectric panel, the vast downstream market But also the rise of China's OLED panel business a major advantage.
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