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OLED invasion of television, the future of CSP how to go?

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-04-02
         OLED wind has been blowing for several years, and now the price is getting lower and lower, the performance is getting better and better, has been gradually warming in the TV market.
         As ready to display backlight to start the CSP, while facing the push into the OLED technology, on the other hand is faced with shrinking market, according to Nichia recently estimated 2016 LED industry only 5% growth, but the backlight market may decline or even shrinking of up to 30%. The CSP outlook does not seem to be as good as it might be.
         This Mo Qingwei said, OLED certainly is the trend, but the old technology should still have a few years of the existence of the time. And CSP in the backlight market is from 0 to grab the market, so there is growth, there will not be the existing products and being squeezed out of the OLED can not survive.
        In this respect Yicheng atmospherics also said that OLED is now developing very fast, the backlight market itself has been very mature. Of course the OLED market has also begun peatlands, but there are other ways of application involved, such as small spacing, ultra short-range projection, CSP in these markets may is in the existing backlight applications instead.

         Previously, Nichia second technical department Nagasaka Moto Kasumi Mr. also had said too, with the market demand gradually to the high-end development, OLED technology is indeed a good business opportunities. But now it is not likely to replace the LED OLED, product stability and mass production will be the OLED's two largest topic, and LED's performance and quality improvement, will not be completely replaced.
          LED package enterprises brewing prices? See how the industry response
 Industry seems to be still being "price war", the price of competing with each other has not been in the past. However, the recent industry circle of friends there are part of the price of the sound appears. LEDinside editor on the matter call a few industry people.
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