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"OEM" production is not uncommon, who for the LED screen industry ruined word of mouth pay

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  • Release on :2017-05-20
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    In our LED display industry to other manufacturers of products to paste their own brand, to the product of a "vest" phenomenon is not uncommon. These "hungry to sell dog meat," the LED display manufacturers, regardless of quality or service can not be guaranteed, once the customer hand, Aizai is inevitable.
Interest-driven variable million goods flooding
    Has been "OEM" in China's manufacturing industry can be described as popular, as an internationally renowned brand of Nike, selling the world's Apple mobile phones, etc., are on the list of well-known "OEM" big. China's LED display manufacturing industry to the present, "OEM" production has almost become the industry, "the emperor's new clothes," small screen enterprises posted large screen enterprises "brand", large screen enterprises printed on the product Small screen enterprise "Logo" and even this has become a kind of common game industry - a lot of display manufacturers in the production process will not be printed on the product any trademark, so that buyers better OEM, this phenomenon can be said in the industry Commonplace, the industry joked that this product is called "variable million goods."
LED display in the terminal market, this "variable million goods" abound, causing this phenomenon reasons, nothing less than the interests of the drive. As we all know, the current LED display industry emerged a lot of speculation nature of a small screen enterprises, they are only responsible for trade, no production capacity, but want to do their own brand, only to find other manufacturers get goods "OEM" There are some engineering business is often used to other people's products, and their "OEM" reasons more complex, in addition, there are some large-screen enterprises also exist because some products are missing and other manufacturers get goods OEM Phenomenon, etc.
     This also explains why there are so many LED display products on the market frequently "hit the face", Imagine a manufacturer of LED display can be sold to different screen enterprises, paste different brands, and a screen has four or five A different trademark in the industry is more common, we often say that the industry product plagiarism, homogenization of serious, did not have this "OEM" phenomenon "credit" - perhaps it was originally the same product, but for the "shell "Only. No wonder the current industry, product infringement disputes difficult.
OEM products who will protect the interests of customers
    It should be noted that the LED display industry, "OEM" is different from Apple, Nike, this master their own core technology, responsible for the design and development, control sales channels, the specific processing tasks to other manufacturers to do OEM Processing ")" OEM ", but in the original manufacturer design and manufacture of products, the other screen enterprises fancy, asked to match the latter's brand trademark for production, or a little change to design to produce ODM (original Design and manufacture) of the "OEM". And if Apple will be marked on the back of the product "Designed by Apple in California Assembled in China", the products sold in China will have "Apple Inc. Apple Inc Made in China" logo, consumers will not because of origin problems Reduce trust in its products. However, our LED display industry, the purchase of this "ODM" products, end customers of the original manufacturing products do not know, so that customers for the product "brand" is always based on the trust in the fraud on the basis of the air attic.
     On the other hand, this "OEM" chaos not only violated the end customer's product right to know, and sometimes let the end customer into the product quality can not be guaranteed dilemma. The current LED display industry has entered the "low-profit era", product costs, the market price has been very transparent, and individual middle screen enterprises in order to earn greater benefits, only as much as possible to find the lower prices of the manufacturers, and this Manufacturers are often in the product design, manufacturing level, product quality is very weak, this way, the factory design is weak, there is no brand advantage, no channels; sales side of the weak productivity, who is cheap to find who do, both sides in the "speculation" Case, who will guarantee product quality?
    At the same time part of the "OEM" can not give customers should enjoy the benefits of after-sales service products. LED display products as electronic products, customers in the purchase of products at the same time also purchased the product with the after-sales service, and "OEM" production will make this service greatly reduced or even completely denied, as a direct sales of products, They often do not have the product after-sales service capabilities, can only find the upstream manufacturers, and upstream manufacturers, the product has been affixed to your "Logo", the customer is your customers, so that both sides are heartless Do not want to inevitably fall into the shackles of each other, but also talk about the quality of after-sales service?
    Stick to the brand will eventually have no way out
    In the brand building increasingly important moment, from a long-term point of view, "OEM" for the LED screen business is a group of "seven injured boxing", although the short term to stimulate a certain amount of sales growth, but will eventually their own products , The channel, the brand caused harm, as mentioned in the article, "OEM" production of products manufacturers and direct sales of both sides of the screen business accountability is unknown, which will reduce the production of some manufacturers of self-discipline, to the poor product development space, Whether it is "OEM" or "OEM", once the product is a problem, that trouble on the big, it can be seen, LED display industry irresponsible "OEM" is tantamount to killing chickens to take eggs.
    Brand chaos also reflects the current lack of brand value of the industry, OEM and manufacturers see only immediate interests, ignoring the OEM for the "brand" of deep injury, and stick to the brand, although the screen will let the short-term loss Some customers, but the future but with the "brand" of the power to receive more of the market. As Mencius said: there are constant who have perseverance. Brand maintenance more difficult than the brand building, LED screen enterprises should always keep in mind: who is the brand, where the greatest risk there. For the LED screen enterprises, the brand is a kind of accumulation, an asset, it gives the screen to create more value at the same time also reverse the screen enterprises to ensure that their products are stable and safe.
    After another round of reshuffle, the current LED display industry, the brand has become increasingly high degree of aggregation has become an indisputable fact, "oligarchy" has been unstoppable. In the era of highly transparent information, in any case, will make the end customer's identity back to the "brand" body. And whether it is the role of the market waves washed away those poor "OEM" business or their "self-destruction", can be expected in the future is "OEM" can only be temporary, there will be no way out.

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