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Nike's sports shoes are said to have the world's first LED screen runway

  • Source:net
  • Release on :2017-05-12
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    If you have the opportunity to overlooking the Philippine capital Manila, then you are likely to see a huge shoe-like space. This is Nike in the city set up a flash running, Nike classic running shoes Lunar Epic for the prototype, looks like a footprint.

     Nike called it "unlimited stadium" (unlimited stadium), its biggest selling point is not the shape of the shoes, but along the 200 meters long runway Nike set up a 10 million LED composed of running screen. Participate in the mechanism is probably like this: runners set off their own run before setting the target time, and then installed in their own Nike shoes on the sensor. When you open your own running plan, LED screen will appear on a virtual opponent, its speed will be based on your actual speed and expected target time to adjust, so you can catch up with it to achieve their own running plan.

     In the second round, the target time becomes the time you finish the first round of running. This sounds very complicated and the mechanism of the twists and turns, the central idea is to let you continue to go beyond their own. But this idea is the world's first, with a sense of science and technology settings are more in line with Nike's brand image.

     Now these sports brands like to use a variety of ways, "greeting" everyone to run. Adidas last month also held in Tokyo, "will not encounter a red light" of the city marathon, the same is full of sense of science and technology. Than to invite the stars to pat the ad, this participation in the more interactive marketing methods, more likely to allow consumers to feel the brand information and personality. And running is also a low entry threshold, which is conducive to the formation of community effects of the movement. Nike and Adidas such brands from running to start, seems to be able to win more potential consumers, joined the sports equipment "competition"

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