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Nichia performance decline for two consecutive years, spent more than 1.3 billion spread betting LD

  • Source:net
  • Release on :2017-06-07
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    Nichia Corporation plans to invest about 22 billion yen (equivalent to approximately RMB1.31 billion) before the end of 2020 to build a new plant in the current factory plant, Can be used in the projector light source, endoscopy, car headlights and other purposes of the laser diode (LD, Laser Diode), the target in 2020 will LD production increased to the current level of more than 3 times. The new plant has been started on the 1st, the target in February 2019 to enable production.

    The report pointed out that the main product of the day for the LED, but due to the application of smart phones / flat panel LCD screen LED market slowdown, coupled with the lighting market part, and China Taiwan, South Korea manufacturers price competition, resulting in sunrise has been continuous 2 years to pay the revenue, profits are declining results, it is expected to add high value LD into a new source of income.

    Sharp has developed a green laser diode, and in the production of electronic parts of the original factory trial production, after the planned production through the Fukuyama factory, but the production time is uncertain.

    The report pointed out that Sharp has now supplied red laser diode to AV machines and other manufacturers, and although not sold blue laser diode, but with blue product technology, and the development of green products, will also let the shine together three primary colors , Expect to expand sales. Sharp will be with red, blue products, in the form of three primary colors sold to the projector and other manufacturers.

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