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New public buildings are all using LED lighting

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-06-06
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     Reporter from the recently held Keqiao district public institutions energy-saving work and liaison meeting was informed that the 2016 the region's public agencies to save energy resources and energy consumption target is determined as per capita comprehensive energy consumption, water consumption decreased 2%, unit construction area of energy consumption compared to the same period fell by 1.6%.
     In recent years, the administrative center of the District, the second hospital of Shaoxing, Lu Xun middle school a public institution in the water, electricity, gas and other energy carefully, and actively implement the gas-fired boiler, LED lighting, namely, the type of open water tank, a water pump for central air conditioning etc. A series of energy-saving transformation, to reduce a "model for energy conservation in public institutions."
Elevator is one of the hospital in key energy consuming equipment, the second hospital of Shaoxing analysis of energy use data to explore the new method of energy-saving elevator, namely in the hospital, 11th floor, the elevator machine room installation 5 elevator energy-saving feedback device, using the principle of energy conversion, the mechanical energy into electrical energy. Through the actual measurement, the energy saving rate is 21%.
    With a large number of students of the school is the major water consumer, last year's holiday season, Lu Xun Middle School of all the toilets were intelligent transformation, installed infrared induction urinal, also on the faucet, urinal, toilet, squatting water area of current limiting transformation of the water use will greatly decreased, and put an end to "run, run, drip, drain" problem.
     In order to achieve this year's energy-saving targets, the district public institutions will be multi pronged, the implementation of energy-saving initiatives. Through technical innovation to strengthen the power of the festival, and strive to the end of 2016 district administrative center to complete the transformation of 60% LED lighting fixtures. For this year's new construction of the use of financial funds, all use LED lighting. At the same time, but also to explore new ways of energy saving big data, this year plans to implement energy consumption monitoring platform for district administrative center building, and to carry out the region's public institutions to monitor the use of water platform pilot.
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