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New Launch : DMX 512 LED Wall Washer Light

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-03-14
       Shenzhen Risen OPTO Co.,Ltd,dmx512 intelligent lighting supplier,rgb dmx512 wall washer suppliuer,led dmx 512 wall washer supplier.
In last years our factory officially launched DMX 512 LED wall washer lights. There are three watts can be choosed aat present:24w,27w,36w.After many tests,it is proved that this product is of high quality and it will be popular in any area.

And what is DMX512?
1.Adopting international DMX512 transmission protocol;
2.Single card up to 512 channels of output, a single Taichung control can support 4 DMX512 control card;
3.256 level dimming;
4.Standard EIA485 interface;
5.Using the combination of balanced driver and differential receiver, the ability of resisting common mode interference is enhanced, that is, the anti noise interference is good;
6.DMX512 card can be the stage lighting control grafts to touch screen or tablet computer, this can be as the preset of scene, simplify the operation.
7.Can be directly controlled by the same agreement of any light control device, a digital dimming control system;
8.All kings of DMX512 dimming device, silicon box, a controller can be controlled, even the cold flame machine, smoke machine, computer lights effect equipment;
9.Can store lighting scenarios, can be edited to go light program, while supporting the operation of light control station manual dimming scene, set control scene, walk light program.

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