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Nakamura Shuji: 10 years later will be the world of laser LED

  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-07-04
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    Nakamura Shuji, a 62 year old Nobel Laureate in physics, is a frequent visitor to Chengdu. 3 months ago, he had just visited two universities in Chengdu. In June 25th, he appeared at the meeting place. Nakamura Shuji said, in addition to the beautiful Chengdu, most of his countenance, is the youth entrepreneurship.
    "I see an increasing number of young people joining the entrepreneurial tide. They are willing to try, to create their own company. This is very worthy of Japanese young people to learn." Nakamura Shuji said that the success of the venture, can not be separated from innovation, entrepreneurship must do something others do not. So young people can not stop learning, this is very important.
    Creating a platform for global scientists to share and trade their results. Nakamura Shuji is the inventor of the "blue LED", which is used in many fields, such as medical technology and equipment. He believes that the next 10 years. In some areas, the blue LED lighting may will be replaced by laser illumination, "a laser lighting equipment can light up 100 square meters room, but because the laser current prices are too high, so the utilization rate is not high, but the future is a big trend." In view of the current Chinese led enterprise homogeneous of serious problems, he pointed out that enterprises should be good at discovering and grab some future technology, scientists also very much look forward to this cooperation, because only in this way, research results to real transformation for the product. "
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