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Miss three points, do not purchase LED street lights!

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-03-10
        Shenzhen Risen OPTO Co.,Ltd,LED Flood Light Manufacturers,led wall washer light suppliers,led smd 5730 flood light.Street lights need every day, and lighting a long time, if the quality is not up, not only the people are not satisfied, street maintenance management is no small task, so it requires street lighting rate is a key indicator of the . So when the lights began to purchase one should grasp the following key aspects.

Procurement Process
        First, the light fades when purchasing test report, this is a very important part. Each company will provide the tender light fades test reports in different units, some companies provide their own self-test, there are some third-party testing, inspection report, although there is a good test results, the actual disparity between the real light fades big reason you know, then how can we identify what is authentic it?
        First test reports Semiconductor Alliance accredited notified body. Such as Beijing Electric Light Source Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, Shanghai Electric Light Source Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, thirteen semiconductor, etc., test reports from these units have credibility light failure, road lighting uses high-power lights, heat generation is large, by detecting the light fades described two problems: bad light passing power through. If a street light in the laboratory are not pass the test, but also on the road to ensure the quality of it?

Street light structure

        After a road test this bad light off, the structure is a big problem. This issue little attention in the industry, which is one of the main causes of the depreciation and when street lights for practical use.

         As we all know, the national haze area is so big, it is not only for bodily injury, also caused LO light fades large, especially in the northern region, and more dust, haze big, after a short time in outdoor use, the entire street surface covered with dust, the cooling effect is greatly reduced. This is one street not everyone know the main culprit LED.

         According to this, the lamps must be designed to be transparent from top to bottom. Exponentially increase the cooling area, because none of street management departments time to clean the radiator, long-term use can only rely on rain washing, after the area will leave enough due to increased pollution causes reduces the effective radiating area.

Light source section

         Road lighting failure has cask effect, there is a short board does not work, the light fades troubled you for so many years, there is a problem you do good lighting heatsink able to solve bad light, not, we began to discuss the past the use of low-power chips shell package, can not do high-power chip, said chip heat scattered power does not go out, not really, COB package heat is more concentrated, by copper or aluminum frame scaffold can solve thermal problems.
         However, the light fades more difficult to control because of the heat sink to solve good not necessarily solve the problem of bad light source, the light source package there is a big misunderstanding, COB thick silica source, it should be as thin as possible silicone encapsulation, easy chip light-emitting surface cooling, which is why COB light source where the light fades poor control.

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