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Make the lights better!

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  • Release on :2017-06-29
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If you say: "Let the world become better", is the responsibility of the earth; then said: "Let the lights become better", not only the relentless pursuit of the woods, but also our lighting people's historical mission.

At present, LED lighting penetration is currently only 30%, the national plan to reach 70% by 2020; since the horn has been ring, then we should run on the road to struggle.

Said that the era of semiconductor lighting has come, in fact, you can see a little observation, especially from the plane down to see, the snake-like street is still dim "high pressure satisfied lamp" world, energy-saving lamps are still in the tens of thousands of buildings In the light of the Potala Palace in Tibet is still exposed to mercury-containing lighting, you say as LED lighting, will feel some shame, some guilty, some love to it?

How can we make the light better? This is the generation of lighting people continue to seek the other side of the shore. From the just-concluded Guangzhou Guangya show, you can see clues, exhibitors painstakingly debut, many designers come up with Ling Lang everywhere, brilliant works, people both feel seductive comfortable, but also feel cordial and natural. Can you imagine if there is no LED, lighting can be interconnected, intelligent, everything is in the connection?

It is gratifying that, in the international and domestic companies in the absence of several large groups of the situation, the wood Lin Sen to come forward, with Long De Vance show at the show color, showing a piece, a set of series of lighting products and their solutions Program, in order to make the light better, made a new interpretation.

A veteran of the multinational company, to the wood Lynn company after the snooping, surprise (scared to death of a foreign baby): incredible, unimaginable! Scale is so big, the equipment so advanced, the speed is so fast, the world has never seen. After returning home, the rapid report, the strong demand for the purchase of the machine, or do not eliminate it strange?

In fact, this is just a look, in fact, the real core competitiveness comes from: concentrate, painstaking research and development of the scientific fighting spirit. 20 years as one day, for each chip, each bracket, each wire, every drop of glue, each piece of substrate, each device, each pair of mold, each type of product condensed with the number of wisdom, Cohesion of how much effort, not to the extreme not give up, not up to the purpose of not soldiers ah!

So that the lights become better, so that more people to share, this is the most important. It needs to start from the source, starting from the entire industry chain. Public innovation, from my start; all entrepreneurship, from the real implementation. Do not break through the limits of science and technology? Do not create a new craft line? Do not develop new materials? Do predecessors do not do things, as a public service thing, this is the lighting of the obligations and sacred responsibility.

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