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Lumileds Introduces LUXEON SunPlus Plant Lighting LED Chip

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  • Release on :2017-07-04
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Lumileds releases the first plant lighting series in the product line: LUXEON SunPlus, which provides the specific wavelength lighting required for plant lighting.
According to the rapid expansion of the world's population and the city continued to increase the residents to assess, so that more food can be properly used in indoor space, LED lamp farming is the subject of the entire horticulture industry. At the same time, indoor vertical farming can save about 90% of the water at the same time.
The LUXEON SunPlus 20 series is suitable for use in greenhouse planting, especially in the auxiliary way of the patio lights, to provide 24 hours a day, a year of light.
Farmers can use a specific wavelength to develop a single lighting program, such as blue (420-480nm) and red (620-670nm). Or the use of multiple lighting programs, that is, with a number of LED to form the ideal light output, with the plant and then the different stages of growth required light, such as planting, germination, growth and flowering stage of different lighting needs.
The LUXEON SunPlus 20 Series consists of 2.0 x 2.0 mm high power LEDs, including blue (440-460nm), crimson (655-675 nm), far red (720-750nm), green (broad spectrum) and cool white.

Lumileds Introduces LUXEON SunPlus Plant Lighting LED Chip
Luum Aceña, senior manager of Lumileds career development, said: "Lumileds exclusive plant LED chip in accordance with photosynthetic photon flux and wavelength classification, on behalf of the lighting designer can clearly understand the wavelength of the selected lamps, and thus designed the most suitable for different plant lamps The .SunPlus 20 series features a high PPF, providing high power lighting solutions, while the same focal length of the LED chip also provides more efficient illumination.
Vertical farms use multi-level growth plates, and the required lighting is usually a high-consistency, close-up lighting system. LUXEON The SunPLUS 35 Series combines blue (440-460nm), cyan, white, and 3.5 x 3.5mm purple medium power LED chips with three different light colors. Lumileds Purple LED is the use of efficient blue LEDs with red phosphors to create highly consistent light effects in order to keep the crop growing.
Lumileds of purple LED chip series between 400-700nm. Purple LED (2.5% blue) to stimulate the growth and flowering plants, 12.5% ​​blue light purple LED to promote the overall growth, and 25% blue LED to stimulate leafy leaf development.

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