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Look at the development of LED enterprise At Microsoft transformation Side

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-04-05
         Shenzhen Risen OPTO CO.,Ltd,led RGB light supplier in china,led outdoor stadium lighting manufacturers,led lamp fixtures supplier.
         Annual developers build conference was held in San Francisco, Microsoft, the conference on the Microsoft show its a Windows 10, HoloLens, artificial intelligence and so on new products, from the point of view of results on a Windows 10 of installed capacity, HoloLens let people shine at the moment, think of two years ago, Microsoft CEO Satya NADELLA proposed "mobile first, cloud the first" the idea seems to Microsoft's transformation has been overwhelming.
         Throughout Nadella took power in the past two years, Microsoft's acquisition of NOKIA, the acquisition of decentralized application monitoring technology provider BlueStripe, all moves are in order to shift the focus of Microsoft's cloud services market and mobile market. But the transformation of Microsoft also is not plain sailing, in June 2014 Microsoft formal full acquisition of Nokia mobile phone sector, to start the layout of the mobile phone terminal market, but now apple is king, Android of mobile phone terminal market, the windowsphone system lumia phones doesn't seem to have a foothold, and after 2 years of development seems to have verified the Microsoft acquisition of Nokia is a wrong decision.
         Like Microsoft has such a giant company, now also had to face the problem of transformation, the failure of the transition. Throughout the development of Microsoft from the initial brilliant to today's calm, people can not help but think of today's LED industry. Popular in the LED industry in early twenty-first Century, LED companies can make money with eyes closed, the entire market as a "spring" in general, and now the LED industry gradually attributed to calm. Like Microsoft transformation, LED companies should also begin to change ideas.
         Any company's transformation should be on par with the trend of industry giants, in 2015 Abby terminated its lighting business, Zhou Ming technology layout in the low-end wholesale market, Riyadh layout of the cultural industry, Lehman shares Denver sports industry Moso started an investment 4.8 billion photovoltaic power generation projects, Aoyang Shunchang intends to invest in integrated circuit and so on, all this is led enterprise fumbling in enterprise transformation, and from the point of view of the last major led companies listed on the financial statements, new small pitch LED products has already become major led companies new profit growth point.
         Diversified development, research and development of new products seems to have become the way of transformation of LED enterprises. But in a small series of opinion, for these large LED listed companies, they can through the power of capital to enterprise transformation and upgrading, but for the small and medium enterprises led, the transformation of the way seems not very applicable to the, perhaps the other way is more suitable for small and medium-sized enterprise long-term development.
         The first way is the development of LED products, a new sales channels, according to IHS forecast, to 2017 in North America and Western Europe P1.9 and following small spacing LED screen market share will reach 40%, thus small pitch led in the overseas market has huge potential. The second way is to expand the new applications of LED products, the Microsoft Build Conference on the future of artificial intelligence, but also to many LED companies optimistic about the application of LED products in the field of intelligence. As early as in February this year and Riyadh technology morion set up a joint venture company to carry out AR, VR business.
         Actually for led enterprise whether it is through the power of capital to a wide range of development, new product R & D or in accordance with the traditional model to develop new sales channels, expand new applications, these are only a way of enterprise development, how to use these methods to succeed, or rely on such enterprises "on the ground" management, enhance the competitiveness of their products.
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