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Lighting design how to mark the technical parameters of LED lights?

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  • Release on :2017-06-08
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    Recently, users asked, how to mark the lighting design LED lights when the technical parameters?
A: In order to meet the needs of the project, LED lights at least to mark the following parameters:
Rated power Pe - the parameters necessary to calculate the LPD value;
Rated input voltage Ue - important technical indicators;
Rated input frequency f - important technical indicators;
Luminous flux - the key parameters necessary for illumination calculation;
Related color temperature Tk - site chroma and blue-related technical parameters;
General color rendering index Ra - the important parameters required for the place;
Special color rendering index R9 - the important parameters required for the place;
Protection class IP - Very important parameters necessary for outdoor locations, damp places, dusty places;
Strobe ratio or strobe index - high demand for visual operations, high-definition television broadcast and other requirements are higher;
Life - economic indicators.

     The above parameters are the basic requirements, the user can be based on specific projects to make appropriate adjustments (such as ambient temperature) to meet the needs of the project.

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