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Life jackets have "light" to win the Nuremberg Invention Award

  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-06-28
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     Germany Nuremberg exhibition of inventions 2 awards, Taiwan won twelve gold, eighteen silver and copper 26. Among them, often the lifejacket lam-kawatech R & D, the salt battery, fell into the sea and can generate power, LED lights and GPS system, convenient visual search and location tracking, in addition to win the gold medal, also won the only special award to the general assembly.
     Qin yean der Kuan lam-kawatech large refrigeration and air conditioning and energy department director pointed out that the Nuremberg Invention Exhibition difficult to win a prize, got the best prize is an accident, may be related to the recent European refugee issues. The invention also had to get the Taipei International Invention Fair Silver. He said the life jacket plus the battery pack just cost one, two hundred yuan, consider the production.
     Taitung County bin Mao junior high school students Chen Weihou et al. Research and development of "children special extension shoes" also won gold, message returned tribe, the tribe was very excited decided to celebrate the pig.
     Binmao junior high school teacher Steven Lam said, because children half a year to change shoes, many aboriginal family had no money to buy, Chen Wei et al in the soles do slide, shoes design is divided into two parts before and after, the cingulate and fixed, the feet become wide and variable length can be extended to the front and rear ends.
Germany Nuremberg exhibition of inventions awards yesterday, Taiwan won twelve gold, eighteen silver and copper 26. Among them, Qin lam-kawatech large research and development of life jackets, the use of salt water, the sea can be power generation, can be lit LED lights and GPS system,to facilitate the naked eye search and positioning and tracking, in addition to get the gold medal, but also won the special award of the general assembly.
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