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Leveraging QD and CSP, LED backlighting there is such a future

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2017-04-29
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     In recent years, with the OLED production heat rising, the market singing bad LCD shouting more and more, as the LCD-based backlight naturally also by the same "courtesy", in order to understand the status of the backlight market, the recent state of LED consulting brand LEDinside The team visited the backlight on behalf of one of the enterprises in Shenzhen City trillion code Electronics Co., Ltd., dialogue research and development director Wang Lei analysis of the current LED backlight market development and future direction.
Leveraging QD, backlight technology can go like this
     At the upcoming AWE show, Samsung exhibited QLED TV series, let QD in the field of television shine. For the impact of the backlit LCD TV QLED, trillion code electronic research and development director Wang Lei said, QLED development is still in infancy, the Samsung QLED TV is not the true sense of the QLED TV, its principle is still based on LED Blu-ray excited Quantum point film passive light mode, from the real quantum point active light QLED TV road is still very far, it is based on this, trillion code is not worried about the impact to the backlight market, because the quantum film or LED-based TV products , The short term on the trillion code does not pose a threat.

    At the same time Wang Lei also revealed that trillion code electronics has developed a quantum dot related products, and has been in the production delivery status; trillion code electronics is still further development of in situ packaging of quantum products, and strive to QD material directly packaged in a single But the QD material is afraid of the characteristics of fear of oxygen, can not be applied to the existing packaging conditions (LED chip surface temperature is too high and the ability to block the silica gel is poor, etc.), but the product can not be used, So the first need to solve the original package is to solve the problem of oxygen and heat, Q2 is expected to have samples launched.

    CSP to reshape the backlight, the program driving force is greater than cost

    CSP has been in the LED industry for several years, looking back on the new LED technology from the beginning of the backlight, but the CSP seems a little acclimatized. Although the domestic TV companies have launched a very early CSP backlight TV, but the whole market volume and how much to enhance. Compared to the beginning of the LED backlight into the situation, CSP seems to be more heat in the field of lighting. As the trillion code electronic research and development director Wang Lei said, CSP to replace the existing LED package and not a great advantage, its cost is not high.

     Wang Lei believes that the current through the backlight to promote the CSP from the amount of the only way is through the program, if only simply by CSP to promote the entire industry is difficult. Because now the CSP situation with the past side of the way to replace the direct type of backlight is not the same situation, the past straight down to replace the side of the type can be reduced to a large system cost, and then straight down the light bar profit is still high, it is Because this driving force was driven.

    But now the CSP to replace the existing package into the backlight, the main difficulties are as follows: First, the technology is relatively immature, there is reliability risk; Second, the higher cost, no driving force. Of course, do not rule out the development of ultra-low-cost CSP program, it may change this situation. Trillion code electronics is also in this direction efforts.

Although the CSP in the field of backlight has been unsuccessful, but in the lighting market is in full swing. The current lighting areas have introduced CSP products, so the cost of CSP is also accelerating decline, which is a good thing for the backlight, because the CSP itself is a cost-effective program, if you replace the original product or a certain profit-driven, Compared to the current low-margin backlight products, companies have no reason not to choose. Of course, this speed needs to be tightened, because the display of new technology has begun to break in the periphery.

Multi-technology camp confrontation, LCD short-term status difficult.
Speaking of new technology breakthroughs in the current TV display technology, the basic LCD, OLED and QLED third of the world, which LCD is the mainstream of the traditional LCD TV, and for the current new competitive technology QLED and OLED although watching Is the trend, but still there are problems.

At present there are two camps, one is led by Samsung QLED faction, followed by its route is Hisense, TCL; one is led by LG OLED, the domestic representative is Changhong, Skyworth.

Talking about these two technologies, from the OLED TV, was in the OLED screen technology, LG's biggest rival is Samsung. LG is focused on WRGB OLED technology, and Samsung is focused on RGB OLED technology. And in the capture of the OLED TV market that time, Samsung and LG also lingering up to 3 years of OLED patent dispute, but eventually stick to it, but only LG one. Later, LG launched the improved version of the WRGB OLED, is a compromise technology, and Samsung midway exit choice QLED, also formed the two factions now.

On several major factions of display technology, Wang Lei believes that the current new technology will become a branch, but the short term will not be a mainstream. Because the domestic LCD panel business from the production situation, you can see the current LCD or mainstream. And the data show that the total number of TV in 2016 fell 2.6%, but the average size has risen 6.3%, indicating that the entire backlight market sales are still increasing.

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