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Led lamp spherical and mushroom-type difference?

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  • Release on :2016-10-31
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     Lights in our lives which is very common, with the continuous development of science and technology, more and more lamps are developed, led lights is currently on the market a good sales of lights, and this lamp has the effect of energy saving, led lights Divided into spherical and mushroom-type, then the two lamp-type lights What is the difference? Let's find out about it!
      Led light bulb type and mushroom type difference?
      Led light bulb type and mushroom type difference is that the appearance of different, led lamp ball than ordinary lamps to save a lot of research data show that, because the LED is cold light source, semiconductor lighting itself is no pollution to the environment, incandescent, fluorescent Compared to energy-saving efficiency can reach more than 90%. In the same brightness, power consumption is only 1/10 of ordinary incandescent, fluorescent tubes of 1 / If the LED to replace the traditional incandescent fluorescent lighting 50% of the annual electricity savings in China is equivalent to a sum of the Three Gorges power generation capacity, the energy efficiency is very impressive.
      There is no infrared and ultraviolet components, there is no radiation pollution, high color rendering and has a strong direction of light; dimming performance of the LED lights are green light, LED lights DC drive, no strobe; Good, color temperature changes will not produce visual error; cold light source heat is low, you can safely touch, these are incandescent and empty light can not reach. It can provide a comfortable light space, but also well meet the needs of people's physical health is to protect the eyesight and environmental health light source.
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