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Led is more bright with insulating adhesive bonding

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-01-14
         Shenzhen Risen OPTO CO.,Ltd,LED Flood Light Manufacturers,led wall washer light suppliers,led smd 5730 flood light .Without solder paste, conductive adhesive, adhesive bonded with LED chip, LED light brighter. Recently, general manager of Shenzhen City, city, general manager of Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. to reporters show their latest patents, with insulation adhesive led chip.
        Chen Jianwei introduced LED package vertical adhesive flip chip, the traditional process is conductive silicone rubber, colloidal silver or gold tin alloy co crystal welding chip is fixed on the circuit board, this process not only bonding material of high cost and equipment to use requirements are high. However, there has been no one to change this process, because in the inherent concept of bonding between the board metal can only use conductive materials. And in fact, the other way, if the electronic circuit board welding of metal electrode plate surface optimization for the surface roughness and the rough surface formed by rough surface and point, with relatively small average roughness of LED flip chip metal electrode contact has been achieved conductive, do next is the gap between the two metal with adhesive filling, insulating rubber is the best filling agent.
         Chen Jianwei according to this technical route, in the adhesive performance improvement, in the bonding technology innovation, realize the use of insulation adhesive bonding LED chip first and apply for a patent. With this method, the cost of bonding is the original 1/10, the required equipment is simple. But after bonding, the spacing is small, led size, transparency, the higher light emission rate led. Experts said that this technology promotion can bring huge benefits for the LED industry.
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