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Lack of competition, Canadian lighting market, a huge space

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-01-08
         Shenzhen Risen OPTO CO.,Ltd,led flood light china wholesale,China led flood light factory,led reflector factory china. The Canadian market lamps and lanterns variety is few, the price is high, the product function is single, the installation service is little. Due to rising electricity prices, the government is actively advocating energy saving. At present, the lack of competition in the market, the market is still in the traditional retail, home improvement O2O market space is huge.
         From Canada's things to solve solutions company DataTellIt chief scientist Chen Xi Chen says, because North Americans pay more attention to family values, and Canadian winter long, many children, big house, Canadians to stay in the family time is long.
        Coupled with aging society, Party culture, we are willing to invest more money and time to decorate the family environment. Specific to the lighting market, the North American home improvement market space is huge. Such as the United States second major retailers Depot Lowe and Home 's and other leading global home building materials retailers have three consecutive quarters of sales to achieve a positive growth.
         Canadian home market space is huge, but the existing products can not meet the needs of personalized.
         As in the Canadian city share is also very high home depot, DataTellIt market investigators to the display, the lamps and lanterns of the store is divided into four categories, first is the traditional chandelier, the price is expensive, the price of a head of the five traditional chandelier for $499, and ex factory price compared to, the profit margins of more than 50%.
         The second is the modern chandeliers, ceiling lamps, lamp. Variety is single, the price is expensive. Products are relatively scarce, not very personalized. In contrast to the Shenzhen LED market of goods can see a superb collection of beautiful things, a big difference. This provides a good market opportunity for China's LED export enterprises.
In addition, in terms of sales channels, Canada is still very traditional way of sales. Mainly rely on the line channels, such as the exhibition hall, online sales channels are relatively backward. In the installation services, due to Canada, sparsely populated, installation services also provide less, can not fully meet the needs of each area people, mainly rely on DIY culture.
          At present, the Canadian government is also actively promoting energy conservation. Because electricity prices continue to improve, the Canadian government has passed the energy efficiency standards for the lamps, the low efficiency of the lamps were some restrictions. In 2009, the Canadian government passed the green energy act.
In addition, in 2014 the government of Canada also revised the 40W, 60W, 75W and 100W light bulbs minimum energy efficiency standards. Under the support of government policy, the Canadian LED lamp to replace the traditional lighting has become inevitable trend.
         U. S. Department of energy data show that 2014 for four consecutive quarters, LED lights for alternative to the traditional lamp showing a steady growth trend, because Canada existing market of lamps and lanterns can not meet the energy-saving and personalized demand, stationed in urgently needs new blood, LED is a very good breakthrough point.
Its market strategy can be divided into three steps, the first is the replacement of light bulbs, Canada's main product categories to LED bulbs, the price is still relatively high light bulbs. But the product price is expected in 2020 will continue to decline. In addition, if the competition strategy from the Red Sea into the blue ocean competition strategy. DataTellIt believes that one of the important opportunities and trends is the smart home market, smart LED lighting upgrade.
          How to achieve product upgrades, create more value needs to meet the needs of customers a variety of opportunities. Everyone in the competition for the entrance, the realization of the internet. While trying to find a breakthrough into the family, the lamp is a very good family entrance. The future of business competition is very important source of value in what?
          DataTellIt stresses the ability to analyze, acquire, and discover the intrinsic value of the data. By carrying big data, cloud computing and other information technology, you can achieve the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and create more value.
DataTellIt believes that the current market is not a smart smart lighting, such as PHILPS hue, the product is very cool, but the price is too high, the average consumer can not afford to. There are some of the main fun LED light bulbs, take the health of the line LED, and so on, have not hit the pain point, the user experience is poor.
         Real intelligent, first of all should be able to perceive, understand the family environment, more clearly than people changes in the family environment, such as temperature, humidity, air change. Can also communicate with each device to achieve interconnection, notify the user, and even control the device. In addition, there is a need to learn the function, through the data to understand the user's habits, so as to achieve the function of forecasting and decision-making, and ultimately achieve the purpose of human-computer interaction.
         DataTellIt said use o2o and networking concepts can be through intelligent lighting established the entrance of a smart home, forming a network, and more third party through cooperation to create value-added opportunities, realize data itself value and create more value, hope and LED manufacturers and other vendors, open up the Canadian LED intelligent lighting market.
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