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LIFI is still testing: assessment or small scale trial production stage

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  • Release on :2016-07-26
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     Nakamura Shuji has boldly predicted: "the next killer application of the LED industry is visible light communication (LiFi). The future, home lighting can carry communications signals while becoming open up the last mile of the information transmission equipment."
Liberation PLA Information Engineering University, visible light communication laboratory deputy director Professor Zhang Jian introduction, since 1990, 10 years, the Japanese transformation and application in the field of indoor positioning, outdoor space communication, networking and other vehicles have been relatively active. 2010 onwards, East Asia, Europe, the United States and other applications have been demonstrated and local applications.
      Nowadays, LIFI is in the beginning stage in China. Because the technology is not mature, and has not formed a complete industrial chain, market and cost uncertainties still exist, so most LED manufacturers of lifi projects in close wait state.
      Long-term study of visible optical communication intelligence Valley Rui Billiton researcher xuran said Dr., from a technical perspective, at present visible light communication downlink transmission rate can already over WiFi, but compared with WiFi, lack of on mobility, non line of sight transmission and high speed uplink data transmission effective support, to solve technical problems signal bandwidth and downward.
     At the same time, the chip of visible light communication product is specially designed, the domestic is not a company, become the constraints of the LiFi industrialization. In addition, at this stage the LIFI industry has not formed a unified technical standards. LiFi industrialization road shoulder heavy responsibilities, the experimental circuit from the real commercial far and processing signal transmitting and receiving equipment add up to the box is so big, bulky and is of no practical value. LiFi to the industrialization of the first experimental equipment miniaturization, maturity.
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