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LIFI: LED next killer app?

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-02-01

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     LiFi technology has been no stranger to visible light communication technology based on the development of wearable devices under multiple-domain, intelligent home improvement, agricultural lighting, medical applications and other future large scale popularization of the concept of wisdom and lighting will also be in-depth aspects of daily life, including in the .

     2014 Nobel laureate in physics predicted Shuji Nakamura, the next killer application of LED industry in visible light communication (LiFi). Shuji Nakamura noted that the existing means of communication mainly in the optical fiber cable communication with microwave radio communications (such as WiFi) based, but the WiFi vulnerable to interception, microwave harmful to human beings become two major drawbacks to be criticized.

     And to transmit signals as LED light vehicles, there is no such problem as long as one was to intercept the signal, the light is blocked, the naked eye can perceive at once, and more secure. In addition, LED light no microwave, not harm the human body, it will not interfere with the instrument, is currently in hospital, the aircraft cabin and other conditions of the higher places, have been using.

     With respect to WiFi, LiFi LED lights to enhance the data transfer rate, and visible light can not pass through walls, home Internet access will become more secure. In addition, the precise positioning of the field, LiFi also show an advantage. Supporters argue that, LiFi WiFi technology has an alternative basis. But some people think, although the substitution effect LiFi presence, but will be visible as a communications carrier there are some limitations in the future, LiFi may be complementary to coexist with WiFi, used in smart city. Complementary and coexistence, were indicative of LIFI role can not be ignored.

     Although the LED optical communications applications, however, the industry said that the future if the popularity, as long as there is light, there is signal. Such as opening a desk lamp, you can download audio and video. Standing under the lights can check the Internet map; in every supermarket shelf position, but also to send a different message to the consumer products through the light. Even in the underwater seabed mining, as long as the light shines to give the signal can be transmitted.

     Currently, LiFi technology is still in the development stage, the majority also still remain in the laboratory stage, for LiFi technology research and development, industrialization and other issues need to be addressed, but also has not been large-scale development and application, but also optimistic about the future of the industry, that its will inevitably become an important direction LED applications. Now Japan, the United States, Britain, Germany, France and China are fully developed visible light communication technology, is expected to provide solutions LiFi technology will create a whole new market in the world of information.

Technical layout: The third generation of semiconductor lighting materials

     The third generation of semiconductor material is developed rapidly in recent years with GaN, SiC and ZnO as the representative of the new semiconductor material, having a band gap, high breakdown field, high thermal conductivity, high electron saturation velocity and anti-radiation and strong The advantages of solid-state light source and power electronics, microwave RF devices, "core" in the semiconductor lighting, a new generation of mobile communications, smart grid, high-speed rail transportation, new energy automobiles, consumer electronics and other fields have broad application prospects, It is expected to become the support information, energy, transportation, defense and other key new materials development, is becoming the global semiconductor industry, new strategic high ground.

     It is predicted that by 2020, the third generation of semiconductor technology will give rise to our country in these three areas have a potential market worth tens of thousands of yuan, will be the birth of a huge market application space.

      My Government attaches great importance to the third generation of semiconductor materials and devices research and development and industrialization, continuous deployment in support of the government, the overall level of China's materials research and development with the international gap is not, as in the third generation of semiconductor material of the first industry The applications - semiconductor lighting has achieved breakthroughs in key technologies, innovative applications leading international; in the third generation of semiconductor electronics applications, in the mobile communications, photovoltaic inverters, radar field has a small demonstration application.

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