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LED tube safety: choice is sometimes more important than effort

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  • Release on :2017-05-02
     Shenzhen Risen OPTO Co.,Ltd,led RGB light supplier in china,led outdoor stadium lighting manufacturers,led lamp fixtures supplier.
     Recently a circle of friends there is a very challenging and interesting game: LED tube turn game. Game operation is very simple, just choose a lamp to join the track, slide with your fingers to avoid the intricate circuit, keep "electric shock" to customs clearance. Although the game mechanism is not complicated, but after the experience to know that customs clearance is not easy. As the circuit of the circuit like a maze, a lot of people's ability to test. And even if the technology and then superb players, if not selected to the appropriate lamp props, it is difficult to complete the challenge safely. Only the election of the lamp, and then with a certain operation, in order to customs clearance success. Each player clearance time will appear in the list, with a short ranking high players can win the prize, and sometimes many friends are beginning to challenge the hand speed, brush points on the list.

    Although the form of the game, but it is not difficult to find the purpose behind the activities: for the popular science LED lighting use safety issues. LED tubes have always been a far-reaching topic, we are in daily life are in contact with them, whether at home, or in the supermarket, company, parking lot, LED lamp is almost everywhere, but few people will go Pay attention to whether they have a security risk. Many people said that after the experience of the game only to find LED tube is also classified, including now widely used but there are security risks of double-ended wiring LED lamp, and the use of safe but not popular single-ended wiring LED lights tube.
    Consumers in the shopping often have a big flow of psychology, which is the current LED lamp market paradox: the existence of security risks continue to popular products, and security products are still facing fierce competition. In fact, the cause of this phenomenon is deeper cause of the need to contact the previous generation of LED lights: fluorescent tube. In the product replacement, the double-ended wiring LED lamp has more advantages, it has a similar shape with the fluorescent tube, in addition to the old fluorescent lamp, you can directly install the original circuit or lamp, easy to replace, which makes double The overall installation cost of the end LED lamp is more affordable. Although both ends of the connection circuit, but the principle of double-ended wiring LED light bulb with the traditional fluorescent lamp is very different, it has an internal electrical connection between the two ends, that is, in the absence of power failure, When the end of a single-ended LED tube connected to the power supply, the other end will be charged, which for the installer to bring the risk of electric shock.
    At present for the safety of double-ended wiring LED tube, the domestic non-targeted safety standards, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is only for replacement of double-ended wiring LED lamp of the technical indicators to make the provisions. According to IEC standards, single-ended wiring is a safe way to connect LED lamps. In response to the difficulty of its replacement, the professionals also given the answer: whether it is to replace the lamps, or re-wiring, and did not imagine the complex, professional electricians will be able to solve these problems. Supporting the emergence of lighthouse to make installation more convenient, such as Philips BN010C-T8 LED lamp bracket, can be directly installed in the original circuit, and then directly into the single-ended wiring LED lamp use, not only eliminates the trouble of changing the line, lamp bracket Internal fuse and side of the line into the line design to further protect the lamp safety.

    The game has to win or lose success, customs clearance and failure of the regret are only temporary. But life is more like a can not stand the "electric shock" test of the game, in this game each have a sense of security, have a good choice of talent is the real winner. In order to secure the customs in the real world, in the phone to experience the first "electric shock" feeling it anyway.

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