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LED to accelerate the replacement of traditional lighting

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  • Release on :2016-08-03
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     Global lighting market can be divided into general lighting, automotive lighting and display three categories, the general lighting, including office lighting, home lighting, rail transportation, lighting, etc., the market share of up to 80%. Trendforce set state science and technology's LED industry research brand ledinside (LED) online "2016 the global LED lighting market trends," research report pointed out that in 2015 the LED lighting market in the future to $257 billion, penetration rate of 31%; 2016 reached $305 billion permeability up to 36%. In addition, ledinside latest price report pointed out that in June this year global replace 40W incandescent lamp LED lighting retail price is $9.50, fell 0.2%; replace 60W incandescent lamp LED lighting retail price of $12.9, fell by 0.1%. With the decline in the price of LED light bulbs and market demand to pick up, LED lighting to replace the speed will be further enhanced.
      As the most promising light source, LED has many advantages, such as energy saving, environmental protection, long service life and so on. With the gradual elimination of incandescent lamps, countries have introduced a ban on the use of incandescent lamp. As early as 2012, the European Union, Japan, Canada has a comprehensive ban on the use of incandescent lamps. Since 2014, the United States banned the sale of 40W, 60W, 75W and 100W incandescent bulbs. At the same time, China has banned the import and sale of 60W and more than incandescent, which will vigorously promote the sustainable development of China's LED lighting market, market penetration is expected to further enhance.
      At present, the application of LED lighting in our country is still in the initial stage of penetration, including general lighting, LED display, traffic signal lights, car lights and LCD backlight and other fields. From the point of view of the LED industry chain, the main can be divided into upstream raw materials, chips; middle reaches LED package; downstream LED application. Among them, the LED upstream chip and epitaxial chip market core technology is monopolized by foreign giants. Compared with the chip industry, the LED packaging industry in the middle reaches of our country is the most competitive, and the packaging variety is more than the whole. At present, China's LED package has formed a certain scale of industry, and has become an important production base of LED packaging in the middle and lower end of the world. At the same time, with the continuous improvement of the technology and the market share of high-end packaging market, the future of LED packaging companies will continue to enhance the competitiveness.
      Last year, China's LED lighting penetration rate reached about 30%, slightly higher than the global level, there is still some room for development in the future. LEDinside report shows that last year China's LED package market size of $8 billion 800 million, an increase of 2%. And this year, the demand for the replenishment of the inventory increased, is expected in 2016 China's LED package market size will reach $9 billion 300 million, an increase of 5% is expected to exceed. With the upgrading of LED technology and market demand continues to expand, LED industry will usher in a period of rapid development.
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