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LED street lights will become New Delhi India standard infrastructure

  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-08-11
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     According to reports, the New Delhi energy secretary Jain Satyendra announced that in the near future, LED street lights will become one of the standard facilities in New Delhi. The government is preparing the traditional lamp comprehensive facelift energy-saving LED lamp.
     New Delhi city light is lighting energy consumption is approximately between 60 billion watts (MW), and change into LED light will be able to significantly reduce energy consumption.
     He said in a LED product exhibition: we will make the LED street lamps to become the standard infrastructure in New Delhi, the old street lamp.
     I have directed the Central Public Works Department of India The, the new direction of the Central Department of public construction. If the government creates the market, the demand will come into being, and the prices of these products will also drop."
While emphasizing the importance of sustainable management, the Secretary said that India needs to focus on the development of renewable energy sources such as solar energy. With the proper financial mode, reduce the price of solar and other green energy products.
     In the civilian party (AAP) began to govern, the cost of solar power per kilowatt hour, 7 India rupees, and the price has now dropped to 4.53 India rupees.
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