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LED street lamp price war brought about the consequences

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-05-26
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     Recently, according to LED industry revealed that the international lighting giant PHILPS (Philips) will LED light bulb factory price fell to $2, down 0.8. And LED street lamp prices continued to decline, resulting in upstream LED elements quoted price is close to the cost of lines and firm profitability suffers a severe test, although overall LED lighting increase in shipments, although helpless to manufacturers improve operating conditions, part of the competitor to was forced to withdraw from the market.
    And under the price war, some enterprises in order to compete for the market, seeking sales, at the expense of quality products and services to deal with, they will use the cheapest scheme, the worst of the components to produce cheap, poor quality of products, the products into the market will accelerate the deterioration of the LED the homogenization of competition, at present these consequences have begun to emerge.
International: being recalled
     February 16, the EU non food rapid alert system (RApex) on Chinese made a ElectroGEAR downlight implementation of mandatory recall, in the case of Finland. The reason for the recall is that the transformer winding insulation in the power supply is insufficient, the product does not meet the requirements of the European Union's low voltage directive and the relevant European standards EN60598. The product will be implemented in Europe to withdraw from the market and the recall of coercive measures.
In February, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Canada's health ministry and IKEA North America services limited liability company (IKEA) jointly announced the recall of Chinese made ceiling light. And the reason for the recall is that IKEA received 224 consumer complaints from the world, said the shade of plastic snap button, ceiling lamp shade fall, a threat to consumer safety. In the 224 consumer complaints, there are 11 incidents reported for consumer injuries.
     In January, Lunera recalled about 60 thousand lights in the United States, where there are 1000 other sales to Canada, the recall of the product model is         Lunera13wattHelenGX23LED industrial lighting. The United States said that in the case of surge voltage occurs when the lamp will not be able to use. May cause the circuit board to burn and so on. Lunera received a total of 11 this section of the overheating report. But no injuries occurred. Consumers should immediately stop using the product, and contact Lunera to obtain a full refund. All the lamps are made in china.
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