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LED street lamp manufacturers follow the footsteps of the city of wisdom to promote the development

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      With the development of science and technology, scientists have developed a high efficiency and energy saving LED light source, greatly improve the performance of the light source.

      Analysis of manufacturers of LED street lamps, energy-saving effect: due to the very low efficiency of the traditional lamp, lamp power consumption is also very large and in the lighting of the light have a lot of ultraviolet radiation, high power LED street lamp in normal circumstances can smoothly to the electrical energy is converted into heat energy. LED street lights are mostly concentrated in the visible light region, the efficiency of up to 80%.
LED street lamp has long service life, because LED street lamp is a kind of solid cold light source, which has the good effect of resisting vibration. If the lamp does not appear loose, there will be no ordinary filament light-emitting phenomenon, LED lamp life of 1O million hours, lamp life is 10 times more than the life of ordinary light source. Due to the long service life of LED street lamp, durable, so it can reduce the maintenance cost of LED street lamps, in order to reduce the cost of the effect.
      LED street lamp also has the important role of green environmental protection, now in the society are widely used in all kinds of fluorescent lamp has serious harm to human physical and mental health of mercury compounds, this kind of material in the process of light, will be on human health caused some harm. But led street lamp without radiation advantages, to make a lamp in the use of the process is not easy to produce harmful substances, and in LED spectral interference due to the absence of UV, waste generated more convenient recovery, not easy to produce pollution. LED street lamps, because they do not contain a large number of mercury elements, can be safely touch, is a kind of green energy. The light efficiency of LED street lamp is also very high, most of the LED street lamp can from the transformation of heat energy into electrical energy, as now the rapid development of LED technology, various regions are to speed up the research of LED road light efficiency. Therefore, in the next few years, the light efficiency of LED lights far more than any other a lighting lamp light effect.
       Analysis of LED street lamp manufacturers of LED light color is pure, due to the traditional lamp light source spectral generally are very wide, because led the emitting direction of the alignment of the entire space, within this space is not conducive to the light spread quickly. But led street lamp as a discrete spectrum, color is very bright and rich, diverse color choose a most suitable light distribution and LED lamp luminous most are concentrated in the center of the light source, can effectively control the LED street lamp light source, thus relative saving lamp manufacturing cost.
       LED street lamp manufacturers said that with the continuous advance of the wisdom of the city, LED street lights will be very broad prospects.
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