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LED status, Xiamen began to layout intelligent lighting

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  • Release on :2016-11-10
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      Thirteen years ago, China's first state-level semiconductor lighting industrial base was born in Xiamen, Xiamen, China's LED lighting industry has become the source and the birthplace of one. Looking forward to the "thirteen five", Xiamen has also proposed to build the global LED epitaxial chip and high-end LED lighting system R & D and production base of the goal, sounded the LED industry secondary innovation business Chongfeng number.

LED status, Xiamen to strengthen the layout of high-end lighting market

       In November 4 by the Xiamen Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, the city photoelectric Association hosted the "2016 Hercynian LED industry innovation forum", the cross-strait industry of China's "thirteen" during the LED lighting industry technological innovation and transformation and upgrading Depth thinking and discussion, the experts put forward with the wisdom of lighting to help build the wisdom of the city, the use of "Golden Brick Meeting" opportunity to enhance the LED industry, such as international reputation and ideas for the transformation of Xiamen Optoelectronics LED development to open up new ideas. Xiamen LED lighting industry over the years the policy support and innovation and development effectiveness has also been fully affirmed the participating experts, they expect Xiamen to take full advantage of existing strengths, relying on innovation-driven, the first in the country to complete the transformation and upgrading and the second take-off.

Innovation remarkable effect of national attention

       "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, Xiamen efforts to strengthen innovation-driven, and create an innovative environment for the promotion of LED lighting industry innovation and development of comprehensive strength to provide an important guarantee. It is understood that the city's total implementation of the field of optoelectronics technology projects 72 municipal projects. Among them, the financial science and technology funds invested more than 4000 million to support the 14 major LED technology research and industrialization projects, driving the total social investment of nearly 820 million yuan. Through the financial technology to guide the holdings of capital, Xiamen LED lighting industry, independent innovation awareness and strength significantly enhanced.

       The latest data show that the field of Xiamen LED lighting has 113 high-tech enterprises, the output value of 12.6 billion yuan, accounting for Xiamen LED 56.5% of the number of enterprises and 60%, the indicators are also living in the forefront of the country. 2008-2015, Xiamen authorized LED patents a total of 2862, an average annual growth of 27%, authorized invention patents up to 1443, an average annual increase of 25%. By the end of 2015, Xiamen LED lighting industry has a total of 24 enterprise technology centers, seven key laboratories, seven national post-doctoral workstations, seven engineering and technology research center. In addition, the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau organized enterprises to undertake the Ministry of Science and 863 projects, innovation fund projects, the Ministry of Industry and the electronic fund projects and the city a total of 30 major scientific and technological projects.

"Xiamen model" into the sample industry has obvious advantages

      Xiamen LED lighting industry comprehensive strength, called China's LED lighting industry, a "business card." Over the years, with innovation, quality, focus, professional and other characteristics of the LED lighting industry development experience is the industry summed up as "Xiamen model", become China's LED industry, one of two modes. March 2014, Xiamen was selected as the National Science and Technology of the semiconductor lighting field only two Class A high-tech industrialization base. Xiamen LED lighting industry since 2004 for thirteen years to maintain an average annual growth rate of more than 25%, becoming the industry's largest development of one of the highlights. In 2015, Xiamen LED lighting to achieve direct output value of 27 billion yuan, and led the formation of 70 billion yuan of industrial scale.

       From the industrial chain and enterprise point of view, in the field of LED epitaxial chip upstream, Xiamen, the total output of LED chips (high-power-based) 68 billion, accounting for domestic LED chip production more than 60%. The total number of MOCVD (LED epitaxial wafer manufacturing equipment) has reached 279 units, the formation of an annual output of 24 million LED epitaxy, LED chip 300 billion industrial scale, the data Are living in the country first, and investment in Xiamen 10 billion yuan expansion of 200 MOCVD equipment expansion, the future is expected to exceed the actual production capacity of crystal power to become the world's largest LED chip manufacturers.

       LED applications in the downstream areas, China's exports of LED lighting products in the top five enterprises, with Xiamen Lidashin, Sunny-resistant, Topstar, Hailai lighting four companies. Especially in the field of high-end LED bulb, Xiamen LED high-end ball bulb exports account for about 30% of the country. Among them, China's exports of LED lighting products, "leading" sun En-resistant only took six years to let the company LED ball production and sales accounted for about 3% of the global market in 2015 to achieve 1.8 billion in sales, year-on-year growth 64%, tax revenue increased by 37.7%. Next, the enterprise will also build its own brand "energetic", and continue to LED intelligent lighting and lighting systems transformation and upgrading. In addition, Xiamen Fenix ​​lighting research and development authorized sales of the German high-end lighting brand LUXUNI (Nasuni) has been for many years won the German Red Dot, Red Star and other top design awards in 2016 again by virtue of excellence, "2016 Xiamen International Design Week - red dot in China, "the organizing committee awarded the" Best Creative Award. "
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