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LED smart street light can identify the human face and auto alarm

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-01-20
         Shenzhen Risen OPTO CO.,Ltd, led flood light china wholesale,China led flood light factory,led reflector factory china.If a child accidentally lost, just through the clouds of the city LED intelligent road lamp, face recognition, tracking and positioning and quickly recover, if you think this is just a technical piece in the scene, that would be a big mistake. 18, Hunan Guoqin East Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd. in Hunan equity exchange standard board formally, reporters at the scene was informed that provides the service of this kind of intelligent lighting is one of the main business in Changsha this high-tech company.
         In sample playback company, the reporter saw this magical wisdom Street: top on a lamp LED lights and street lamps in general looks no difference, different is, this kind of intelligent street lamp on top with a high-definition camera, at the lower end of the lamp pole is attached to a electric bicycle and steam electric car charging pile, the middle position of the street lamp rod inlaid a can watch live TV broadcast, and sending Wi Fi HD display.
         Zhang Wangxi, chairman of the company, told reporters that the wisdom of the street lamps are equipped with a mobile chip, and all the lights connected through the network. In addition to the function of the street lamp in addition to the function of the illumination, the additional GPS function can also be connected to the alarm system of the street lamp and the city. That is to say if the city led street lamp intelligent and networking, 24 hours by face recognition input system, as long as in a street smart, once the abducted children, street lamps can alarm immediately. Zhang Wangxi introduction, the lab experiments show that in the same city, to find a location to find the person, the fastest only 2 seconds.
          Wisdom of the street much more than location tracing the, in addition, it can also let lighting more energy-efficient and environment-friendly; urban air pollution detection, noise detection by the sensor; and to monitor the vehicle; of municipal facilities monitoring... "Connected to the sensor, street lighting has become a city of the Butler, every city in the monitoring range covers all fitted with sensors, as long as moving a manhole cover, the camera will turn past real-time monitoring, at the same time management personnel mobile email will received an e-mail notification."
          Street lamp is the most intensive urban infrastructure, is the most widely distributed in the city, the most uniform Internet of things, the use and good street lighting market, is the most effective and most likely carrier." Ren Weigong, Secretary General of Hunan lighting society, said: "the future LED outdoor lighting products tend to be personalized and intelligent, this wave of technological innovation will lead to greater space and market for road lighting. With the wisdom of the city building in depth, LED outdoor lighting have a brilliant future."
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