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LED sales should do when you want to be in charge of your "7 mouth"

  • Author:Eunice
  • Release on :2016-01-12
        Shenzhen Risen OPTO Co.,Ltd,led flood light china wholesale,China led flood light factory,led reflector factory china.It is our sales must obey the rule when we talk with our customers.Sales communicate with customer, not only to use civilized language, other than to keep a humble attitude, and in the ways and means of communication and conversation, also need to pay attention to some details of the problem.It is important to be in charge of "7 month".
1, in the conversation with the customer taboo shut up"
         The so-called "shut up", is not to utter a single word, so talk to disguise the ice, causing adverse consequences. In the process of talking about the customer, you always keep silent, will be regarded as talk to customers not interested. Both sides have to negotiate quite well, one suddenly "paused", will be paired to understand each other "protest", or feel tired of the topic. So, once touched by the emergence of the conversation, "pause", sales staff must think of ways to lead to new topics as soon as possible, or shift the old topic, in order to stimulate the customer's talk.
In 2, and customers talk "in taboo"
          The so-called "interrupted", is in the process of speaking to customers, he suddenly interrupted, interrupting you.
          Sales personnel in general, should not interrupt customers, in a mouth, this will dominate the lack of respect for customers. If you really want the words of the customer to express their different views, but also need to wait for customers to talk.
           If you intend to add to the customer's words, should first obtain the consent of the customer, first, please allow me to add a little, and then put in. However, "interrupted" time not too long, not too many times, so the idea of interrupting customers. There is something urgent to interrupt the customer's conversation, to say "I'm sorry"".
3, and customers in the conversation taboo dirty mouth"
         The so-called "dirty mouth" is not to speak of civilization, a mouthful of "dirty, chaotic, and poor" language. As a quality of the sales staff is to be taboo.
4, and customers talk taboo "choke"
         The so-called "choke" is talking slick, there is no limit to random humor. Humor is a noble upbringing. In the right situation, using the humorous language to talk, can make people get rid of the feeling of restraint, become relaxed and happy. In addition, it has multiple functions, such as aesthetic pleasure, criticism and satire. However, humor also needs to distinguish occasions and objects, need to take into account their own identity. If all the "sense of humor", there may be "reduced" as glib, resulting in customer dissatisfaction.
5, and customers talk taboo "garrulous"
         The so-called "loquacious" is nonsense to say love, love is a joke. Love playing "talkative", is apt to get customers to ridicule, ridicule, sarcasm. Not meihuazhaohua, brought together to ramble; play "talkative", both people look down, and let people hate.
6, and customers in the talk of "fighting for food taboo"
        The so-called "quarrel", is love arguing with others, love chicanery. They think that "the truth is always in their own hands", they are always right. Love "quarrel" sales staff, "not for three points, have reason not to let", this person is not welcomed by the customers.
7, and customers in the conversation taboo "knife mouth"
         The so-called "knife mouth", is talking sarcastic ridicule, abusable love. Each customer has their own privacy, when the customer wishes to avoid not to talk, as a sales person shouldn't to "break the casserole asked in the end, everyone has their own weaknesses, are not willing to show to the people, so should not talk" which pot don't open mention which pot ". As the saying goes: "remarks three warm winter, abusable cold in June. "Its mouth is like a knife, making enemies everywhere, always go to war, violated the business" harmoniously "the taboo, will eventually because of their own shortcomings lead to adverse consequences.
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