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LED price effects continue to ferment

  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-09-10
     Shenzhen Risen OPTO Co.,Ltd,led RGB light supplier in china,led outdoor lighting suppliers,led lamp fixtures supplier.
     Taiwan factory EPISTAR announced the first increase in LED chip prices, first tier manufacturers, and also an optoelectronic Linsen follow in the near future, the future is expected to begin manufacturers actively stocking, LED industry from the rebound, crystal electric full capacity, the current orders have been routed to October, red LED even to the end of the year.
     Corporate estimates, because the LED needs more than expected, and stabilize prices, EPISTAR July turnaround. Crystal power in the first half of this year to open the first shot, in May this year, the customer issued a price adjustment contact letter, to adjust the price of some products more than 15%, and cut 20%.
     The fermentation effect gradually extended into the factory, also announced 25 days of follow-up Sanan optoelectronics last month, also on the downstream manufacturers Linsen customer letter, notice today chip price.
     LEDinside research director Chu Chao said in the main display screen and an optoelectronic package supplier XinDa announced price increases of 10% and 5% by photoelectric. This is mainly due to the strong demand for small spacing display market, to promote the supply chain price.
     From the current market survey, crystal electric capacity has been loaded, EPISTAR also pick a single production this year, and three in the crystal electric negotiating price with the attitude of customers are very hard, it seems that LED prices have been maintained.
     EPISTAR deputy general manager and chief spokesman Zhang Shixian said that the first quarter of the frozen crystal electric property and the second quarter increase in prices, the market demand gradually upward, especially since June this year, LED backlight demand is very strong, red LED four yuan capacity is car, infrared and Kanban fill, currently the fourth season at in the off-season.
     Zhang Shixian stressed that the current crystal power of red LED and Blu ray LED capacity full, orders and production capacity has been a gap, which, Blu ray LED9 months have been lined up, red LED has been discharged to November.
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