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LED market is still dark,;wisdom, car market become a way out.

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-04-08
          Originally led factory look forward to this year LED industry to get rid of the dilemma for many years stabilized, but, led factory production capacity surplus unsolved problems, international manufacturers and factory in mainland China continues to haggle over the price competition, both LED backlight and LED lighting, this year is still facing severe challenges, according to estimates by the Nichia and market research agency this year led the overall market only than last year grow 5%, in order to enhance the profitability, billion light, East Bay, Lunda and macro Qi have turned to the car, smart lighting and intelligent function of clothing and other blue ocean market, hope to get rid of, supply chain competition pressure.
         According to ledinside report shows, 2016 car LED market value estimates of up to $12.1 million, in 2020 is expected to $22.9 billion, the annual compound growth rate of 8%; the exterior lighting including directional lights, fog lights, far and near light and position lamps, this year the overall exterior lighting LED quantity of 27.9 billion stars, is expected to 2020 will be 36.7 billion stars, far and near lamps and lamp LED package number of teeth, compound growth exceeds 15%, the headlight LED package module is the number of stars growth rate is highest, the annual compound growth rate of 23%.
Promising car lighting market, Lunda electronics from 2013 onwards began to layout of the car with product development. At present, the products have been able to used in car headlamps, daytime running lights, Fang Xiangdeng, taillights, car lights, and so on, and continue to import the latest customer: the lamp products, companies are more recently announced, the car LED packaging products first domestic industry by Dekai should special reliability test, AEC Q101 third-party certification has been made to become Asia except for Japan, the first satellite to obtain third-party certification in the headlights with LED.
           Ronda said car company LED products customers include Taiwan and the mainland each cart factory; in addition to car led, company also layout of UV, IR and other special applications, UV applications include printing machines and other curing applications, the IR contains POS or security monitor; in addition, BenQ group product pole placement in the medical field due to future Lunda will also be combined with the strength of the group, assaults led medical applications; with the new products began shipping, prediction of Ronda, related products this year is expected to contribute more than billion yuan in revenue.
          Re still need the original vehicle currently billion light truck products accounted for only billion revenue figures, major customers in Europe and the United States car factory, recently also scored, and Korean car factory orders, as a result of customer demand, billion light planning new Causeway factory production product, is expected this year, the second season began at the end of the installed production, although billion light old factory in the aftermarket and car factory are already through the authentication, but new factory car factory audit, as a result of the car factory certification requires at least half a year, so a lot of help revenue at the point in time, the estimated fall in 2017, with the new capacity and new customers to join, the car is also expected to become billion light the next wave of growth momentum.
          Compared to the Lunda and billion light positive from the vehicle lighting market, the East Bay and Wang Qi were locked wisdom and wisdom lighting function clothing; according to PHILPS forecast, 2020 smart lighting market size at 90 billion euros, equivalent to NT $3 trillion yuan, other research institutions also estimates that in 2015 about 3 billion dollars worth of smart lighting 2019, smart lighting output will see $8 billion 700 million average compound annual growth rate of 41%; as for the wisdom of functional clothing, according to the Global Industry Analysts at the end of 2014 released wearable electronics report shows that in 2015 the global smart textiles market size of $1 billion 632 million (about NT $54 billion), compared with 2014 growth of 14.2%, the market is mainly concentrated in Europe and the United States, accounted for 7; while the Juniper market research firm Research research report also pointed out that in 2020, the world will have the connection between 30 billion wireless products, when In the smart textile market size of up to $(about 96 billion yuan).
          At present, the application of intelligent lighting in commercial / industrial applications and public lighting is given priority to, and gradually extended to the wisdom of the family and the wisdom of the people due to lighting (iLighting).
          The so-called wisdom for lighting, lighting system can be based on human psychology, physiological needs or the matter according to the and automatic modulation out the most comfortable lighting color temperature and brightness, wisdom for lighting is divided into wisdom light module, smart lighting system control, wisdom, health, security intelligence, wisdom Festival and smart lighting service six dimensions, the East Bay locking wisdom for lighting, and Zhonglei jointly apply for the 1.3 billion yuan of funds for the project, by Zhonglei responsible for smart lighting system development, the East Bay for module development, combining the resources of both sides, is expected to soon as the end of this year will have to start production.
          Wang Qi and Institute of textiles, a joint venture of Hongxing electronic lock the most ram wisdom function vests, the development of such yarn, Wang Qi said that Hongxing led yarn is by long yuan to the development of automated production equipment, to play the SMD on macro Qi LED lighting, through the test of the Institute of textiles can be washed up 30 times not to damage, stable quality and mass production, the products have been applied in wisdom function vests, necklaces, dog clothes, and formally delivering global top three sports brand factory, part of products began to small shipments to distributors, is expected in the second half of this year shipments can be clear on high.
          With the new product layout gradually fermentation, the East Bay and Hong Qi for this year's performance cautiously optimistic view, estimates this year's performance will be better than last year.
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