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LED manufacturers more focused, market segments popular

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  • Release on :2016-10-29
    Shenzhen Risen OPTO Co.,Ltd,LED Flood Light Manufacturers,led wall washer light suppliers,led smd 5730 flood light.
    The 18th Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair (Autumn light show) 27 in Hong Kong opened the curtain. The exhibition was held for 4 days, the exhibition attracted from 37 countries and regions, more than 2,650 companies, the number of exhibitors a record high.

    There are a number of thematic exhibition areas including Lights, LED and environmental lighting, commercial lighting, intelligent lighting and lighting solutions, home lighting and small batch procurement.

    Observation of Hong Kong International Lighting Fair this fall, the flow of people was significantly improved over the previous two years. Regardless of large and small manufacturers and booths, are gathered a lot of buyers interested in the inquiry product. In addition, many manufacturers no longer use the simple furnishings and list the way products, but to create and display the overall light environment space, light-type design and light quality to attract visitors.

    In the lighting product categories, we can see that this exhibition is one of the protagonists filament lamp. Various types of filament lamps, including household and commercial crystal lamps, wall lamps, chandeliers, table lamps and even outdoor courtyards, are available in various shapes and uses. These lamps are available in the form of filament lamps.

     Manufacturers generally reflect the current filament lamp in the European market demand is high, especially in the incandescent lamp has been completely eliminated, Halogen also gradually reduce the use of the case, the European consumers tend to buy can achieve the effect of traditional filament lamp filament lamp .

     In response to the gradual development of the LED market and mature, special application markets such as UV, IR, automotive, plant lighting is also being the end of the industry chain manufacturers attention. For example, Luminus has introduced LED devices in a number of emerging fields, including medical, projection, 3D printing, plant lighting, automotive lighting, safety control, lighting control, lighting control, and so on. and many more.
     In addition, more and more manufacturers are no longer simply the pursuit of product cost or light efficiency, but began to enhance the quality of light, concerned about the human eye feel, making different lighting scenes closer to the natural light.

     For example, Lunda electronic to human lighting for the display of the theme, exhibited a series of flat-panel lamps and LED devices, through the control system and the special deployment of the color temperature LED to simulate the changes in sunlight to create a natural physiological rhythms of human light surroundings. Megaman also exhibited a series of lighting for the retail lighting scene, using the proportion of phosphor to adjust the way to create a more pure high-end commercial white lighting products.
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