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LED lights to lead the new trend of energy saving

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  • Release on :2016-09-14
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     In order to solve the problem of environmental pollution of electric light source, the scientists have been active in the development of non mercury lamp. LED is a new technology developed in the mid twentieth Century, with the LED lamp as an alternative source of light into the direction of the development of the lighting industry. LED energy-saving lamp is using high brightness white light emitting diode light source, high luminous efficiency, low power consumption, can put 90% of the electrical energy into visible light, the energy consumption is only 25% of the energy-saving lamps; mercury and other potentially harmful substances, waste Recyclable, no pollution; the LED lamp has the advantages of small volume, weight light, can withstand high strength mechanical shock and vibration, not easily broken, the average life expectancy of 100 thousand hours, the service life of up to 5 ~ 10 years. While reducing the cost of unit use, but also can save a lot of energy, which is very important for China's energy, no doubt has a very important significance.
      China plans to start from the beginning of 2016, completely eliminate incandescent lamps. Now, the price of LED lights have almost incandescent lamps, LED lamps need only four or five dollars, while the incandescent lamp has reached three yuan, the price difference will make up only need twice electric, low prices are likely to be "ripening" intelligent lighting market.
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