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LED lights help "science fiction scene" into the "reality"

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  • Release on :2017-05-23
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     May 20 morning, Henan Province, 2017 science and technology activities week start ceremony and Zheng Loxin national independent innovation demonstration area military and civilian technology integration achievements held in Zhengzhou. Zheng Luo new self-created full-year-old, but also coincides with the science and technology activities week, the Provincial Science and Technology Department to the public prepared the technology "hard dish": May 20, 21 held at the promotion of more than 200 high-tech display!
    Use visible light communication, 0.2 seconds to download a high-definition movie. In the past, this is difficult for everyone to imagine things, but in a few days ago, by the People's Liberation Army Information Engineering University R & D team using optical and electrical synergistic approach to break through the visible space space interference interference and other key technologies, into the integrated , Miniaturization design and implementation phase, real-time communication rate increased to 50Gbps (bits per second), equivalent to 0.2 seconds to complete a high-definition movie download.

    May 20, the reporter also saw this high-tech. Visible Light Communication The Ta-ble-Fi system consists of a lamp and a companion device. Staff will be introduced, the basis of visible light communication technology applications from the LED lights, a LED light can become a high-speed network hot spots, turn on the lights that are off, that is, very limited, but when the unit expanded from a lamp Expanding to a district of lights, or even larger, will constitute a huge visible light communication network. This network will not slow down because of the increase in the number of connections, do not worry about being stolen, eavesdropping, which will be comparable to the situation in the sci-fi story.

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