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LED lights are used in Urban Park Plaza

  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-08-05
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     Last month, Fuzhou, a boy accidentally fell on the ground when he pressed the light, then there will be blisters. Caused public concern after the incident, the reporter learned from the city park management center, in the major urban areas of the park plaza, where citizens within reach of the installation of lamps and lanterns are low power LED lamp, burns, electric shock safety hidden danger does not exist.

    1, at 9 pm, the reporters came to southern part of kite inside the city Yuanyang Lake scenic spots see in the kite field ground mounted many sporadic white light, part of the children in the parents do not pay attention to the custody will touch the lamp surface glass layer. The reporter found after touch lamp, lamp surface glass only a slight fever, but not hot, there is no sense of shock in touch. Subsequently, the reporter went to the people's Square, Jinshan Park plant site visits, were not found in the presence of light hot phenomenon.
     The center responsible person told reporters that the palm of Fuzhou burns boy may be halogen lamps, the type of lamps used in the process of high surface temperature, there is a risk of burns. And in the urban areas, such as urban street green space for landscape lighting is a low power LED lighting, lighting surface covered with glass surface temperature of about 40 degrees Celsius, there is no danger of burns. But if the public accidentally touched or will be an electric shock hazard. "In the presence of electric shock, burns safety hazards beside the lamp, are placed on the risk of signs." The responsible person said, currently used in urban street green light will gradually from the halogen lamp, high pressure sodium lamp converted into LED lamp, reduce security risks.
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