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LED lighting +3D printing, Viget developed a running auxiliary training system

  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-08-20
    Technical product design company Viget use LED lighting and 3D printing technology, R & D out auxiliary running training frequency monitoring system TrackPacer, help runners in training to observe their frequency and velocity.
     In the track and field competition and athletes are in a race against time, and even can be said to is in competition with the best record of their own. California Institute of Technology University Students Alexander. Klein believes the best running training is on the track installation a visual markers, which allow players to see their real-time performance. So that athletes in training does not need to race against opponents, but mark display their own record of playing to help players through precise feedback to look at their own pace of running, and made the improvement and training.
     Klein put his ideas and design to the Viget company, followed by Viget as he arranged for the post. The end of this system into a iOS control with the advanced LED system, and delivered to a few universities of the track and field sports teams and a number of professional athletes trial. The birth of the Trackpacer assisted training system, but also thanks to the 3D printing technology.
      Justin. Snake is a hardware engineer in the Viget Colorado office, he said: "we hope that by some means, the auxiliary training system rapid laying on the track, but does not require plastic implantation of the runway. No 3D printing technology, we can not achieve this idea".
      In fact, Viget with 3D printing technology to produce a number of ratchet, LED lights with fixed on the runway. They used the Mini 3D desktop LulzBot printer to print out all of the ratchet parts within a week. These wheels are very important, on the one hand to the entire system on the runway to play a fixed role, on the other hand in the fixed at the same time can also be in the length of 400 meters to do minor adjustments.
      Player or coach can use iPhone mobile phone set the lamp with the frequency, distance and interval. After setting, the configuration information is sent to the LED lamp with a circle around the runway by low-power Bluetooth, LED lights in accordance with the setting of a person in order to simulate the speed of light. A total of 12000 LED lamp consists of the whole lamp belt, by a group of passive controller control light and destroy, all controllers then by a central controller as a control.
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