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LED light Vegetable & Fruit rhizome long best hydroponic leaves

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  • Release on :2016-07-11
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     U.S. submarine to perform tasks at sea often lasted several months, lettuce, tomatoes and other fresh fruits and vegetables often a week or two finished, the rest of the day can only eat frozen, dehydrated or canned vegetables, the U.S. military is testing in the sunless environment, hydroponic vegetables with LED lights, hope to let the brothers at the bottom of the sea can also eat more fresh and healthy.

     US Army Natick soldier research, development and Engineering Center and technical personnel Hohmann don Holman, responsible for presided over the budget of $10 million (about 323 million yuan NT) led lamp hydroponic vegetable scheme. Michigan farm turned, he, in the Boston suburb of container, try with red and blue LED lights, irradiation for in the nutrient solution of 83 kinds of fruits and vegetables were observed growth. The results showed that leafy and onion long, the most luxuriant, roots grow well, strawberry yield was less than the cost of inadequate, small cucumber is disaster, vines are crawling around, zucchini leaves will block the light, tomato is simply not the result, because the temperature is too low, the lights are not bright enough.
     Us Missouri nuclear submarine to sea frequently for several months, the military managed to ship fresh food Vegetable & Fruit brothers.
Salad and tomato consumption is the fastest
     Hohmann said, want to eat more vegetables is the wish of many marine buddies future submarine is expected to carry has been kind of a period of time the crop sea, during the voyage to harvest eaten. But submarine space is narrow, there is no too much space to grow vegetables is a big problem, 122 meters long fast attack submarine, usually carrying 130 people, despite the 90 day food out to sea, but salad usually within 1 week to eat, then starvation is the tomato, carrot and celery, brothers can only eat frozen fruits and lettuce, until the next by Hong Kong will have fresh fruits and vegetables to eat.
Eat fresh vegetables can boost morale
     During this period, Missouri, a nuclear submarine chef Pearson had to use canned tomatoes, dehydrated onion and a lot of spices, cook the spaghetti like brothers. Retired admiral steed said: "there is no fresh fruits and vegetables. Only in this way, I think that chef can cook it is great. However, if occasionally eat fresh Vegetable & Fruit ship, will be able to boost morale and promote the performance of the brethren."
United States Navy healthy new life movement
      Research of LED lighting hydroponic vegetables, hope the brothers can eat fresh in the Vegetable & Fruit warship, submarine
The restaurant fryer replaced all the oven a to food according to the processing degree, encourage brothers and sisters to eat whole grain foods, eat French fries, cookies, fruit juice and other food processing
      The vending machine to increase Diet Coke low calorie drinks, less than 250 calories, protein rich snacks, recommended stickers affixed.
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