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LED lamps to replace high pressure sodium

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  • Release on :2016-07-16
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     As night fell, many careful people will find, Xi Jiang Industrial Park streets in many street quietly changing face, the light becomes more flexible and more bright. As of now, the park 373 high-pressure sodium lamp has been replaced with LED lights, more energy saving and environmental protection.
    Traditional high pressure sodium lamp light source, large power consumption, short service life of the lamp, high maintenance cost management and waste lamps containing mercury, sodium and other metal, easy on the environment cause pollution. While the LED lamp can improve the lighting effect, meet the needs of road lighting, save the cost, and have the effect of energy saving and emission reduction. Judging from the long-term effect of power saving, LED light source on the basis of the calculation of the percentage of calculation can save more than 30%, while protecting the ecological environment has played a positive role in promoting.
      The park HPS put into use for more than ten years, increased brightness decreased and fault. For security lights lighting effectively and reduce the daily operation and maintenance costs, the early Park and street lights maintenance unit in Jiangsu Hui Lipu negotiation scheme and pilot led transformation, before and after the actual test comparison with data, decided in area B to promote the implementation of LED lighting transformation, and the completion of the B District in may 373 lamp street lamp energy-saving renovation project.
     The LED streetlight renovation project park without any investment, and to save the maintenance cost of nearly 6 million yuan, industrial park to achieve "zero risk, zero investment", cooperative enterprises full investment, will achieve the energy-saving benefits in proportion to the share, in response to the idea of state "low carbon, environmental protection, energy saving", at the same time, the realization of the collective and enterprises "win-win". It is reported that second half of the new Wu District will continue to promote green lighting promotion and the lighting quality promotion, and actively explore the new lighting management model for energy management contract to be completed throughout the year more than 6 green lighting demonstration plots or demonstration road.
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