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LED lamp disputed, India government issued a "ban""

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-05-12
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    According to the herald in the Indian media reports, due to the LED lamp in the use of some controversy, the government of India's Ministry of fisheries has issued government circulars, sure you want to disable the LED lamp, the order is signed by the Ministry of Fisheries officials Sharmila Monteiro, Dr..
     In the last few months, India controversy led lamp is controversy surrounding between fisheries practitioners, mechanized fishing boat owners, traditional fishermen.
Two aspects of the new regulations of the government of India. The order of one is prohibited in certain areas using the LED lamp, and the second is in mechanized fishing boats or motor fishing vessels, including trawls, seines and gill nets in the form of ships using LED lamp is prohibited.
    India, the move is mainly in order to protect fishery resources not been overfished, and taking into account the livelihoods and the interests of the people of the traditional fisheries operations, citing 1980 India local fruit sub Dammam and the Black Sea fill labor management regulations to limit.
    After all, through the LED lamp to catch fish is a more efficient approach is right, but India in order to protect local interests, and control part of the fishery resources, so choose in several Indian waters disable LED lamp, whether it will affect the other similar culture situation, not with interest groups and to control of fishery resources in people in the country also used the same measures, worthy of observation and attention.
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